A central European country that oozes unique traditions and richness in architecture, history, and culture. Several millions of global tourists from different corners of the globe flock to Slovakia each year. A Slovakia visa is one of the mandatory travel documents that you may need to apply for before traveling for many nationals. Let us dive deep into your Slovakia Schengen visa's key requirements and processes.

Who all need a Slovakia Schengen visa before their travel

All EU/EEA/Schengen citizens are entitled to a visa-free stay in Slovakia. In addition, USA, UK, Canadian, Australian, and Japanese nationals are exempt from applying for a short-term visa for a stay of up to 90 days. Nationals of all other countries must apply for a Schengen visa before arriving at Slovakia borders at the nearest Slovakia embassy/consulate/visa application center in their country.

Types of visas available for travel to Slovakia

Two primary visa categories are available to all global tourists with pre-defined purposes and requirements for each visa type. All short-term visas are valid for a stay of up to ninety days within six months. For stays beyond one-year, long-term visas are issued.

Transit visa

This short-term visa is issued if you pass through any of the Slovakia airports en route to a third country beyond the Schengen region and move beyond the transit-free zone. You should have a valid visa to the third country you are traveling to and confirmed flight tickets as part of the visa validation process.

Tourist visa

This short-term visa is one of the most popular visa categories applied. The purpose of travel for this visa type is tourism, leisure, vacations, family reunions, and business. You can travel between Schengen member states without a valid Schengen visa.

Visitor visa

If you are planning a short family reunion, apply for a Slovakia visitor visa. This short-term visa needs an invitation letter from the locals and their verified ID/passport copies to be presented as part of the visa validation process. The invitation letter should call out the traveler's details, the purpose of travel, travel dates, accommodation confirmation, and funding, if applicable.

Business visa

This short-term visa is issued to applicants who want to engage in business-related activities such as conferences, business meetings, negotiations, business contract closure, etc. You will need to additional furnish an invitation letter from the Slovak-based company detailing their contact details along with the purpose and duration of your visit. The cover letter must also indicate the complete details of your trip financing. This could be your current employer or the local partner company.

Study visa

This short-term visa entitles applicants to attend training, internships, and study courses in a Slovakia institute/university/school. You will need to additionally furnish the No Objection Letter from your current university/school/institute and an enrolment letter from the Slovak institute or university. Suppose you are undergoing an internship with a local Slovak-based company. In that case, you should also present the signed internship agreement between both parties.

Medical visa

This short-term visa permits applicants to receive medical treatment, consultation, or aid in Slovakia. You will need to additionally furnish your local doctor's report that clearly states the rationale of your treatment in Slovakia and your current medical condition. In addition, you should have a confirmed appointment or medical attestation from a Slovakian institute or doctor approving your medical condition. There also needs to be a validation of the financial expenses funding required for your trip.

Visa for film crew members/cultural/religious/sports purposes

This short-term visa applies to tourists and visitors who intend to attend or participate in a religious/cultural/sports event hosted in Slovakia. If applicable, you must present the event entry tickets, program event details, enrolment details, and previous visits or performances. Film crew members and other members traveling with them must be listed together.

Visa for the spouse of a Slovakia citizen

This long-term visa is issued to applicants with spouses residing or being Slovak nationals. This visa category needs validation of your spouse's Slovak citizenship through their ID/passport copies, family record book, and Slovak marriage certificate.

Visa for official delegate team members

You can apply for a short-term diplomatic visa if you travel to Slovakia as part of an official delegate team. You must also present the official invitation copy, evidence of your travel purpose, and the No Objection Certificate from your government.

Visa for minors

All children traveling to Slovakia either alone/guardians/parents need to present a No Objection letter signed by both parents. A copy of the court's orders must also be presented if the child's custody is with one of the parents. Both parents' birth certificates and certified ID/passport copies will also be required. Suppose the minor is traveling with another adult. In that case, you must furnish the adult's passport with a valid visa and a notarized authorization signed by both parents or guardians.

Documentation for your Slovakia visa

The Slovak immigration officials have set certain entry criteria for visitors and tourists who want to enter Slovakia. The information the applicant shares in their visa application must be validated with authentic documentation, as listed below.

Visa application form

Completed and duly signed by the applicant is one of the statutory documents for kickstarting your visa journey.

Passport-size photographs

Two passport-size photographs that should comply with the Slovakia Schengen visa photo guidelines.

Valid passport

The criteria set for your passport is that it should feature two blank pages for the entry and exit visa stamps and have validity beyond three months from your departure date from Slovakia.

Copies of previously issued visas, if applicable

Travel Insurance

A valid travel health insurance that provides complete health coverage of at least 30,000 Euros during your stay.

Confirmed round-trip flight tickets

You should have a confirmed return flight ticket status indicating the traveler's name, travel dates, flight details, boarding, and destination airports.

Confirmed accommodation

You need to furnish valid accommodation during your stay in Slovakia. This could be through a confirmed hotel voucher or rental agreement. If you are staying with a local, you should furnish their ID/passport and an invitation letter.

Proof of funds for your daily expenses

You should present sufficient financial capability to fund your daily expenses in Slovakia. This can be validated through your last six months' bank statement, clearly indicating sufficient financial stability of funds.

Cover letter

A cover letter addressed to the Slovakia embassy or consulate summarizing your travel requirements, including your travel dates, purpose of travel, travel duration, places of interest, and other relevant details.

Proof of civil status

This can be validated through your marriage certificate, your spouse's death certificate, and your children's birth certificate.

Slovakia visa application process

You must follow the steps below while applying for a short-term Slovakia visa.

Visa processing timeline

The general visa processing timeline for your Slovakia visa is 15 calendar days. This timeline can vary depending on the backlog of the embassy or consulate you have applied, along with your nationality. Always apply for your Slovakia visa considering the potential delays that can occur as part of the visa application process. Irrespective of the approval or denial of your visa, you will be communicated about your visa status in the processing timeline.

Slovakia visa fees

Adult tourists have to pay 80 Euros per applicant. Children between six and 12 years have to pay 40 Euros per applicant. There is no visa fee for kids below six years.

Extension of your short-term Slovakia visa

Your Slovakia short-term Schengen visa will only be approved for an extension in genuine cases such as humanitarian, force majeure, war, and political instability. The approval of your extension is completely at the discretion of the immigration officials validating your application.

Revoking your Slovakia visa

Your Slovakia visa can be revoked if the conditions on which your visa was issued are no longer applicable. You must leave the country in the next few days. Failure to do so can lead to deporting and blacklisting the applicant for future travel.

Re-apply and appeal for the rejection of your Slovakia visa

You can re-apply for your Slovakia short-term visa after a cooling period. Avoid the mistakes that led to your visa rejection. In addition, you can try to apply for a Schengen visa through another Schengen country. Lastly, you can appeal against your visa rejection in the next 15 calendar days.


A landlocked country in the heart of Europe emerged as a tourist hub after its peaceful dissolution from Czechoslovakia. This special country is spread over a very small land area. Still, it is rich in natural treasures, rich folk culture, ancient structures, and modern entertainment to create a beautiful yet unique ambiance for all global tourists. Knowing the key requirements of the Slovakia Schengen visa gives you a head start to explore what Slovakia offers.