Ireland is a gorgeous northern European country that is one of the least-populated countries in the region and is still vying for attention from the tourist population. Untouched wilderness, vast open areas, fresh & clean environment, and spectacular natural beauty are synonymous with Iceland and one of the compelling reasons you should visit this mind-blowing European country. An Iceland Schengen visa is one of the essential milestones that you should look to cover the key milestones involved in your Iceland Schengen visa journey.

Visa-free stay in Iceland

Nationals of the Schengen member council states are visa-exempt as they cross the Iceland border controls. All other countries that have reached a visa liberalization state with the Schengen member council are also entitled to a visa-free stay in Iceland. All short-term Schengen visas are valid for 90 days within a time frame of six months.

Visa categories for Iceland Schengen visa

There are different visa categories that travelers can opt for basis their travel needs and requirements. Each visa category is assigned a specific purpose, and the visa is issued to only those applicants who fulfill the criteria set for each visa category.

Transit visa

Travelers landing at an Iceland airport en route to a third destination beyond the Schengen region are issued this short-term visa. As part of their visa application process, they need to submit the following:

Tourist or visitor visa

This short-term visa is issued to travelers visiting Iceland or the Schengen region for leisure, tourism, vacationing, and visiting family and friends residing in Iceland.

Business visa

This short-term visa entitles travelers to travel to Iceland for business and related activities, such as business meetings, conferences, negotiations, business closures, etc. As part of their visa application process, the applicant needs to submit the following:

Study visa

This short-term visa allows travelers to travel to Iceland for study purposes, internship, or conducting research at an Iceland university, school, or institute. As part of the visa application process, the applicant must provide the following documentation:

Medical visa

This short-term visa is issued to travelers traveling to Iceland for medical treatment, consultation, or therapy. The following documentation must be submitted by the applicant as part of their visa application process:

Visa for minors traveling to Iceland

All minor applicants need to validate the following documents when traveling to Iceland.

Visa for cultural, sports, religious events, or film crew members

This short-term visa is issued to applicants traveling to Iceland to attend or participate in cultural, sports, or religious events hosted in Iceland by their government or an authorized body. Film crew members traveling with the crew can also apply under this category. As part of the visa application process, the applicant must submit the following documentation:

For film crew members Visa for an official delegation team member traveling to Iceland

This short-term visa is issued to an applicant from an official delegation traveling to Iceland. As part of the visa application process, the applicant should submit the following documentation:

Visa for the spouse of an Iceland resident or citizen

This short-term visa is issued to applicants traveling to Iceland to reunite with their spouses who are Icelandic citizens or residents. As part of the visa application process, the applicant must submit the following documentation:

Documents required for your Iceland visa application process

The Iceland immigration authorities have set certain criteria and documentation to be completed as part of the Iceland visa application process.

Visa application form

Complete all the fields of your visa application form online without leaving any fields blank, even if the same is not applicable in your case. Always sign your application after you print your completed application form.


Your original passport should have been issued in the last ten years and have two blank pages for issuing the entry and exit Schengen visa stamps. Apart from this, it should be valid beyond three months from your Iceland exit date. Please share copies of your previously issued visas if applicable.

Passport photographs

Two recently captured passport-size photographs meeting the photo specifications outlined by the Iceland immigration officials.

Travel health insurance

A minimum of 30,000 pounds of health insurance is valid during your Iceland stay and issued by an approved health insurance provider.

Confirmed round-trip flight itinerary

Your confirmed flight itinerary should clearly mention the applicant’s name, flight details, travel dates, source and destination, and other relevant details about their travel to Iceland.

Proof of accommodation

Applicants need to validate their proof of accommodation by providing their confirmed hotel confirmation voucher that clearly mentions the applicant’s name, travel dates, hotel contact details, and any other information related to the applicant’s travel. Suppose the traveler is planning to stay with a local. They should share the invitation letter copy from the local resident and their ID copies.

Proof of financing

Applicants need to validate their finances by providing their last six months’ bank statement or last three months’ salary slip to confirm their financial capability to cover their expenses during their Iceland stay.

Cover letter

Your cover letter should be addressed to the Iceland immigration embassy officials and summarize your travel itinerary, including your travel dates, places of interest, and purpose of travel, along with entry and return ticket details.

Proof of civil status

Applicants can validate their civil status by providing their marriage, children’s birth, or spouse’s death certificate.

Iceland Schengen visa application process

Irrespective of your visa category, the visa application process will generally remain the same, with slight variations concerning each visa category.

Visa fee for an Iceland Schengen visa

Adult applicants must pay 80 Euros per application, and children aged between six and twelve years pay 40 Euros. The visa fee is exempt for kids below six years old.

Visa processing timeline

Your Iceland visa processing timeline can vary due to multiple parameters such as the backlog of the embassy, consulate, or visa application center to which you have applied. In general, the visa processing timeline is 15 calendar days. Be prepared to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that can lead to a delay in your overall visa processing timeline.

Extension of your Iceland Schengen visa

Extension of your Iceland Schengen visa is offered at the discretion of Icelandic immigration officials only under exceptional circumstances such as war, force majeure, or unavoidable family emergencies.

Revoking of your Iceland Schengen visa

Your approved Iceland Schengen visa can be revoked if the visa issuance circumstances are no longer valid. In such cases, the traveler would be asked to vacate the country within 48 hours. Failure to do so will deem the traveler as an illegal immigrant, which can lead to blacklisting and hampering your future travel plans.

Iceland has many beautiful places of interest and amazing indulgences that are ideal for a rejuvenating holiday. The midnight sun, Thingvellir National Park, geothermal baths, northern lights, Icelandic whales, glaciers, delightful cuisine, mountains, volcanoes, blank sand beaches, scenic highlands, Lake Myvatan, waterfalls, and Icelandic horses are some of the best reasons why you should visit Iceland. Get the right direction to know about the key milestones of your Iceland Schengen visa to enjoy a fascinating and relaxing holiday here.