Luxembourg is a beautiful Western European country that brings diverse experiences that leave a lasting impression on all global travelers. Placed in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg features ancient roots deep in its culture that has a wonderful fusion with modern indulgences. Your Luxembourg Schengen visa is a gateway to exploring this beautiful European destination in a relaxed way, without the long queues usually associated with many European countries. Let us take you through a detailed description of how to apply for a Luxembourg Schengen visa, key requirements, and the entire process highlights.

Who needs a Luxembourg visa?

Suppose you are an EU/EEA/Switzerland national. In that case, you do not need a visa to enter the Luxembourg border as per the Schengen member agreement. In addition, all countries with a visa-free agreement with Schengen also do not need to apply for a visa before their entry. Nationals from all other countries should apply for a visa before entering the Luxembourg border controls.

Types of Luxembourg visa

Luxembourg visa is classified into two main categories – a short-stay visa and a long-stay visa. Each visa category is further classified into three primary visa types, which you can opt for depending on the duration and purpose of your travel.

The key difference between short-term and long-term visa Short-term visa

This visa has validity for a short stay of up to 90 days for travel/tourism/leisure/family visits/business meetings. You are not entitled to apply for a temporary residence permit with a valid short-term visa.

Long-term visa

This visa is valid for up to one year and is issued for work/study/investment/family reunion. This visa entitles you to apply for a temporary residence permit and extend your stay further on request.

Airport Transit A visa

This short-stay visa type is issued to travelers who want to transit in Luxembourg beyond the transit-free zone en route to a third country beyond the Schengen region. This visa does not permit you to exit the airport area and is valid for 24 hours only.

Short-stay Schengen visa

A short-stay C visa permits you to stay in Luxembourg for a short stay of up to 90 days within any 180 days. The Schengen visa entitles you to browse through other Schengen member states within the visa validity period. The purpose of this visa must be for tourism/leisure/business meetings/medical controls/family visits/school trips/visits/conferences.

Long-stay national visa

A long-term D-visa allows you to stay in Luxembourg for a year. During this visa validity, you can visit or browse through other Schengen countries if your visa is valid. The purpose of a long-term visa must fall under any of the following reasons – study/work/family reunion/investment. With a valid D-visa, you can apply for a temporary residence permit entitling you to stay in Luxembourg for five years and be further renewed on request.

Luxembourg Schengen visa process

To apply for a Luxembourg Schengen visa, you must follow the following steps:

Luxembourg visa document checklist

Visa application form

Completed and duly signed visa application form with accurate records and no missing fields is an absolute must. Any inaccurate information can lead to the denial of your visa or a longer visa processing timeline.

Valid passport

Your passport would be valid from Luxembourg or the Schengen region within three months of your exit date. There should be two blank pages for the entry and exit visa stamps. Physically damaged passports are not acceptable.

Two passport-size photographs

You must submit two colored passport-size photographs meeting the Schengen visa photo requirements, such as those captured against a blank or light background with maximum face coverage in the last three months.

Valid travel insurance

A travel health insurance issued by an authentic insurance agent providing health coverage of a minimum of 30,000 pounds and valid during your stay in Luxembourg.

Cover letter

A good cover letter to the embassy or consulate summarizing your visa application form. It briefly introduces you, places of interest, your travel purpose, and duration, including your travel dates.

Confirmed round flight tickets

You should present your confirmed round flight tickets indicating your flight details, name of the traveler, dates of travel, and other travel details.

Valid or confirmed accommodation

You should furnish valid or confirmed accommodation in Luxembourg during your stay, including a confirmed hotel voucher, a rental agreement, or an invitation letter from a local residing in Luxembourg, if applicable.

Invitation letter

Suppose you are staying with a family member or a local in Luxembourg. You should provide an invitation letter that indicates your name, travel dates, and purpose of travel. You may also be required to submit passport/ID copies of the local.

Proof of financial capability

You should be able to validate your financial capability to fund your daily expenses during your stay in Luxembourg, which can be validated through the last six months' bank statement, which indicates your financial stability.

Non-refundable visa fees

The visa fees for your Luxembourg visa application are 80 pounds for both transit and Schengen and 50 pounds for a long-term national visa per applicant. Kids below six years are exempted from paying a visa fee. Diplomatic passport holders, students, and scientific researchers traveling for specific defined purposes are also exempt from the visa fee.

Luxembourg Schengen visa key requirements

Determine the closest or nearest Luxembourg embassy or consulate

You need to determine the nearest Luxembourg embassy or consulate in your country. This embassy or consulate would be used for submitting your visa application form, supporting documents, visa fees paid receipt, and attending your visa interview.

Visa application form

The updated visa application form is available on the Luxembourg embassy or consulate's website. Print the visa application form and sign the application. Sincere responses without any typo errors or blank fields are an absolute must while filling out the visa application form.

Collate all the supporting documents

You will need to support all the information shared in the visa application form with the right set of documentation like an original and valid passport, two passport-size photographs, a cover letter, an invitation letter if required, a valid travel health insurance, financial capability validation, confirmed round flight tickets, and accommodation. Maintain a document checklist per the Schengen visa document standards for better visibility.

Pay the visa fee

You need to pay the non-refundable visa fee and attach a receipt of the visa fee paid along with your visa application form and supporting documents. You can also pay the visa fee while visiting the embassy or consulate.

Book an appointment with the embassy or consulate

Ensure you arrive on time and follow a formal dress code during your visa interview. All applicants who do not arrive on time are replaced with the next person in line, losing their opportunity to submit their application form. You may be requested for additional questions depending on the information shared by you or your nationality or travel purpose or duration.

Submit the visa application form

Ensure you have collated all the valid documentation required before submitting your visa application form to the embassy or consulate.

Visa processing timeline

Wait for your visa to be processed after you have submitted your visa application form. The general visa processing timeline is 15 calendar days post-submission. This timeline can vary on several factors, and always submit your vis application on time to accommodate any delay due to applicant-specific cases, time of the year, the backlog of the embassy or consulate, or required missing documents.

Luxembourg visa application interview high-level structure

Depending on your nationality, purpose, and travel duration, you will be requested for additional information during your interview. The interview questions will be to authenticate the information shared by you in your visa application form and your desire to return once your visa validity expires.

Luxembourg Schengen visa extension

Your Schengen visa may not be extended unless you have a genuine reason or an extension, such as force majeure or humanitarian or strong personal reasons, or war or political instability in your country. Extending your Schengen visa is completely at the discretion of the immigration officials handling your case. You should apply for an extension within your visa validity period.

Revoking your Luxembourg visa

Your Luxembourg visa can be revoked if the conditions applicable to your visa issuance are no longer valid. If your visa is revoked, you will be requested to leave the country in the next few days. You can be deported to your residing or home country if you cannot do so.

Rejection of your Luxembourg visa application form

If your Luxembourg Schengen vis is rejected, you can follow the below three steps:

Re-apply after a cooling period

Ensure you do not repeat the same mistakes that led to your visa rejection. You are allowed to re-apply only once.

Appeal for the visa rejection

Appeal to your embassy or consulate for the rejection of your visa. This appeal letter must be submitted within 15 calendar days post-rejection of your visa.

Apply to another Schengen country

Try applying for a visa to another Schengen country. You can visit Luxembourg without a visa once your visa gets approved.


Explore the unspoiled natural landscapes, culinary highlights, incredible historical sites, refreshing wellness, action-packed sports, fairy-tale castles, mind-blowing cultural heritage, and awesome relaxing destinations. Understand the key requirements for the Luxembourg Schengen visa for enjoying a refreshing Luxembourg holiday.