Liechtenstein has caught the attention of the tourist audience with its fascinating natural visas, iconic ancient buildings, awesome culture, and amazing attractions. Being the highest GDP per capita European country, it opens its arms to welcome millions of tourists annually. Nestled between Austria and Switzerland, tourism has played an important role in the growth of the country's economy. Get your Liechtenstein Schengen visa to enjoy unlimited vistas and fabulous sights and browse through awesome attractions. Let us take you through the key highlights of the Liechtenstein visa process.

Liechtenstein visa

Schengen country nationals can freely travel between the Schengen states without a visa. In addition, citizens of the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are entitled to a short stay of up to ninety days without a prior visa. Travelers from all other countries should apply for a Liechtenstein Schengen visa before they arrive at Liechtenstein borders. Travelers can opt for two main visa categories depending on their purpose: short–term visas for a stay of up to ninety days within six months and long-term visas for a stay of up to a year.

Liechtenstein visa categories

Depending on the nature, purpose, and duration of your trip, you can opt for the right visa type, with each visa type having a pre-defined purpose and being issued based on some additional documentation the applicant shares. The various visa types available are as follows:

Transit visa

A short-term visa valid for 24 hours is issued to travelers stopping at one of the Liechtenstein airports en route to a third country beyond the Schengen region. Applicants must present a valid flight ticket and visa to their final destination at the Liechtenstein border controls.

Schengen visa

You can travel around the entire Schengen region with an approved Schengen visa. Valid for ninety days within six months, this visa is issued with single or multiple entries depending on the nature of your trip. The purpose of the trip is usually associated with leisure, tourism, family reunions, and business visits.

Business visa

Travelers are issued this short-term visa for attending or conducting business engagement activities such as business meetings, conferences, contract closures, negotiations, or any other business activity. Applicants need to present the following additional documentation as part of their visa application process:

Medical visa

Travelers planning to undergo medical treatment, consultation, or therapy in Liechtenstein can apply for this short-term visa. All travelers who intend to undergo medical treatment consultation or therapy in Liechtenstein can apply for a Medical visa. Applicants should present the following additional documentation as part of their visa application process:

Student visa

Student applicants who have received admission to any Liechtenstein university school or institute can apply for a student visa. With a 100% literacy rate, many students look to pursue higher studies in Liechtenstein. Applicants must present the following additional documentation as part of their student visa application process:

Work visa

Travelers wishing to work and stay in Liechtenstein can apply for a short-term work visa. As part of the visa application process, you will need to additionally present the following:

National visa

If you intend to stay in Liechtenstein for up to a year, you can apply for a long-term National visa. This visa is issued to temporary workers, students, and guest researchers.

Liechtenstein Visa Documentation

Every visa type you opt for leads to additional documentation. The key requirements for all Liechtenstein visa types are as follows:

Visa application form

Completed and signed visa application form with accurate and legible information without any missed fields.


An original passport is valid beyond three months from the departure date in Liechtenstein and issued within the last ten years. Your entry or exit visa stamps would require two blank pages on your passport. Share copies of your previous passports and visas, if applicable.

Passport-size photograph

Two recent passport-size photographs meet the international standards set for Liechtenstein visa photo specifications outlined by immigration officials.

Travel health insurance

Applicants should be able to present health insurance valid during their entire stay in Liechtenstein and provide a minimum coverage of at least 30,000 Euros.

Confirmed flight tickets

A confirmed flight ticket, including your return, clearly spells out your name, flight details, travel dates, and other relevant details about your travel.

Confirmed accommodation

A confirmed accommodation valid during your stay in Liechtenstein clearly calls out the applicant's name, hotel name, address, stay dates, and other relevant details.

Proof of financial funding

All applicants must validate their financial capability to fund their daily expenses in Liechtenstein. You can use the last six months' bank statement that indicates sufficient financial stability. All retired professionals must present a validation of their recurring monthly income, such as a pension, for their visa application.

Cover letter

A cover letter addressed to the Liechtenstein embassy or consulate or visa application center detailing the purpose of your visit, including your travel dates and places of interest.

Notarized No Objection Letter from parents

If the applicant is a minor, they must share an original NOC signed by both parents and their ID/passport copies. If one of the parents has full custody of the minor, then a copy of the court order should also be attached. If the minor is accompanied by an adult traveler, the accompanying adult passengers' ID/passport and visa copies should also be submitted.

No Objection letter from the employer

All working professionals must share a No Objection letter from their current employer stating the applicant's name, designation, salary, and other relevant details about their travel.

Visa for the spouse of a Liechtenstein national

If married to a Liechtenstein citizen, you must present additional documentation such as a marriage certificate, Liechtenstein family record book, and ID/passport copies of your spouse as part of the visa application process.

Liechtenstein Visa application milestones

You can follow the below-mentioned process that will act as key milestones on your Liechtenstein visa journey.

Visa processing timeline

Your Liechtenstein visa processing timeline is usually between 7 to 10 calendar days, depending on the backlog of the embassy, consulate, or visa application center you are applying to. Multiple other factors can lead to potential delays as well. Always submit your visa application, considering the unforeseen delays that can hamper your travel plans.

Liechtenstein visa fees

The visa fee per adult applicant is 60 Euros. Minors between six and twelve years old must pay a visa fee of 40 Euros per applicant. There are no visa fee charges for kids below six years. Your visa fee can vary depending on multiple parameters like the consulate, embassy, or visa application center you are applying to.

Extension of your Liechtenstein visa

Your Liechtenstein Schengen visa may be extended only in exceptional cases, such as humanitarian, force majeure, or war. You can still look to apply for an extension; if your reasons are valid and genuine, the immigration officials may look to extend the same.

Revoking your Liechtenstein visa

Your Liechtenstein visa can be extended if the reasons for which your visa was issued are no longer valid. The immigration officials may request you to leave the country in the next couple of days. Failure to do so can also lead to serious consequences like deportation to your home country and further issues for your next travel assignment.


Liechtenstein brings true novelty and a fairy-tale-like environment to your disposal. This tiny but rich European country has fascinated the tourist population with its mountainous landscape, turreted castles, exciting attractions, and fabulous culture. Get the hang of the key highlights of your Liechtenstein Schengen visa to enjoy some fine fairy tale vacations in this beautiful European destination.