Please find below the terms and conditions between and you, the client, customer, or candidate. Any person intending to avail/availing of services would be bound by the terms and conditions listed below. The basis of your contract with is this agreement, the Privacy Policy, and any information you will receive prior to submitting your application. You permit to access your personal information and book the appropriate visa package. Unless the client agrees to our terms as outlined below, reserves the right to refuse service. We recommend that you carefully read all of our agreements before selecting one of our visa services. By using our site and services, you acknowledge your understanding of these terms.

1. Scope & Procedures

The mission of is to act in their clients' best interest in the submission of visa applications and supporting services to embassies or immigration authorities. is a service that handles the preparation of visa applications and supporting documentation for clients traveling for business or leisure. People of all backgrounds and walks of life are assisted in applying for visas by us. We provide visa services to people from all over the world, but focus mainly on UAE nationals. Residents of Azerbaijan or Qatar cannot use the services of A visa specialist assists clients not only with selecting the right visa package but also with preparing the visa application and guiding them through the process and submitting it to the appropriate national visa consulate or embassy.

We place a high emphasis on making sure our clients receive their visas on time. Schengen visa regulations differ between nations, and when you authorize to represent you, you consent to this document detailing out the agreement's requirements, restrictions, and liability limitations. Standard/average processing times are displayed on the site and a tentative time of receiving the visa is informed to the clients. Processing timelines provided by should only be viewed as guidelines. will use its best efforts to mitigate any potential delay or inconvenience., however, does not acknowledge any obligation regarding the timeliness of visa applications. In the event of a change in immigration laws, regulations, or specifications, will not be responsible if the change directly impacts delivery times. In addition, the applicant understands that is not responsible for Embassy decisions regarding either his or her visa application nor does it have any involvement or influence with Embassy decisions., is in no way liable if the visa is denied because of (but not limited to) the following reasons:

If a client incurs a loss due to any of the reasons stated, will not be held responsible. In conjunction with our visa services, we can assist you with booking your flight tickets at your request. As a general rule, though, it is better to arrange your flight tickets and accommodations only when you have received your visa unless the visa laws of the country you are applying for requires it. Different countries have different policies regarding transit visas. Hence, you must contact the airline if you will have to take a transit flight before arriving at your final destination.

2. Documentation requires all necessary information and documentation concerning an application from the client. Documentation from third parties such as partners, families, employers, sponsors, educational and assessment bodies may also be required. In the event the documentation does not meet the requirements, retains the right not to lodge the visa application until it has received all the necessary information in order to do so. cannot be held responsible for expenses and/or delays caused by incomplete application forms, inaccurate/false or incomplete information provided, or inaccurate/false or incomplete supporting documents.

Prior to traveling to Schengen countries, applicants should ensure that all documents are in order. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your projected return date from your leisure/business trip in order to apply for a Schengen visa.

Passport and supporting documents must be submitted within the deadline specified to ensure that the visa application is processed promptly. Applicant’s documents will not be returned until the visa issuing authority completes the visa issuance procedure. All applicants agree to this automatically when submitting all of the requisite documents to Once the application procedure is complete, all your important documents, including your passport, flight confirmation, and appointment letter will be returned to you. Email acknowledgment of receipt of these documents is required. In the event that you do not send the mail on the same day, you are not eligible for any further modifications. Any further adjustments would be subject to a fee.

The first-come, first-served system is utilized by consulates and embassies in scheduling visa interviews. If all the documents are not received, appointment dates will have to be changed. Certain supporting documents such as medical records, police clearance may be valid for a limited time and lapse thereafter. Clients are responsible for making sure that the documentation they provide to is valid and current.

Visa applicants are responsible for divulging any information about their case that may adversely affect their visa before engaging our services. These include, but are not limited to, serious medical conditions and serious criminal convictions. Failure to disclose such pertinent information may result in the application being delayed or rejected. Once the visa has been acquired by the client, must be notified via mail. A Visa check is important since it will reveal if any errors are present in the approved visa that need to be addressed immediately. Failure to communicate with us on the same day will lead to the assumption that the visa has been accepted by the client.

Any changes in plans or further requirements in service should be also be communicated to us in advance. The applicant will be solely responsible for any problems that arise due to negligence on their part.

3. Fee and Payment Mode

Visa service fees are additional service charges added along with the visa processing fee charged by the visa issuing authority. Payments can be made via online bank transfers, credit cards, or debit cards. The payment must be processed and billed on an immediate basis. As a result of currency fluctuations and changes in immigration expenses, prices may change without prior notice. The Visa processing fees and requirements are subject to change at any time.

4. Processing Time

Different nations have different processing time for visas. The processing times listed on our website are estimates. Our team of specialists starts processing your visa application as soon as it is received. During the visa application processing period, weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) and other public holidays are excluded. Furthermore, bear in mind that an embassy or consulate may close without notice. take no responsibility for any costs incurred by an applicant while waiting for the immigration authorities to finalise a visa. They may include but are not limited to, flight costs, accommodation costs, loss of income etc. If a visa application or any part of the visa application process is delayed or refused as a result of any action or inaction of immigration authority, embassy, or government body, will not be held liable for any costs.

5. Approval and Rejection of Visas is solely responsible for processing visa applications. It is not guaranteed that you will receive a visa approval by Consulates and embassies are responsible for evaluating and processing visas. It is up to the authority granting your visa whether it will be approved or rejected.

According to the immigration information made available directly by immigration and embassy departments at the time of application, advises its clients on their visa options and applies for visa applications on their behalf in good faith. We cannot control situations where immigration laws and/or regulations have been updated by an immigration department but have not been made known to the public at the time of visa application. Should situations of outdated information arise, will not be held responsible for the refusal of visa applications or any additional costs incurred as a result.

Similarly, in the case where conflict arises between immigration officers at ports of entry and the immigration officers issuing visas, such conflicts are beyond our control.

Clients are responsible for reading the Visa Grant Letter. The Visa holder must understand and adheres to the conditions of the visa. Those who have not complied with these conditions could have their visas cancelled and be required to leave that country. will not be held liable for expenses incurred as a result of the client not abiding by these conditions.

6. Policies on Cancellation and Refund

The Visa fee for submitting a visa application to a consulate is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome. If you cancel before the visa application is submitted to the embassy or consulate, the processing fee may be refunded. Our refund policy does not cover charges for service, banking, or administration, thus only a partial refund (up to 50%) is possible. After your visa request has been submitted, changes in visa policies at the consulate or embassy do not entitle you to reimbursement from Costs and packages of visas are subject to change without notice at any time. It is vital, in this regard, that our clients and others who might be interested in our services examine the website on a regular basis.

You must cancel your visa application through your account. A credit card payment made more than a month ago will not be refunded. will instead give you a service credit which you can use for another visa application.

7. Use of Intellectual Property

Users can examine content on solely to gain information about who we are, how we operate, about Schengen visa, and our services. We own all information and visual representations on the website, including the text, graphics, photos, and videos. We reserve the right, at any moment, to restrict or cancel access to this website. The information on this website is up-to-date at the time of publication but is subject to change. Duplication, modification, publication, sale, or re-posting are not permitted. Legal action and/or sanctions may be taken against those who unauthorisedly use the company's name, logo, trademark, or other identifying marks. does not control the content of external links. Accessing links to third-party web pages is at the user's own risk.

8. Applicable Law & Language

All correspondence must be written in English if a visa request is to be processed. does not accept responsibility for errors found in documents written in other languages.

The Terms and Conditions of adhere to all UAE laws and the legal framework of the country. Disputes arising between and its clients will be decided by the federal courts of the United Arab Emirates.

9. Indemnify

You agree to indemnify against any loss, damage, or expenditure incurred as a result of:

  • A violation of's terms and conditions.
  • Fraudulent behaviour by the client(s), or any of their representative(s)
  • Third-party claims, actions, or proceedings brought against based on representations or breaches by the client.
  • 10. Disclaimer

    There are no guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness, or up-to-date nature of the content and materials displayed on Although all attempts are made to ensure the accuracy of the content on the website, it is always possible for errors to occur. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the products and services available on are completely free of errors or viruses but are adhere to implied warranty of merchantability. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your booking is easy, hassle-free, and secure.

    11. Complaints

    You agree, after submitting your application, not to post any complaints or negative remarks concerning the delay or rejection of the visa application by the consulate on any social media account of ours until we give you specific permission to do so. We are available to answer any questions or complaints about the visa services at +971 42087543.