The Netherlands is a beautiful European country that houses the finest cities globally. Amsterdam, the capital city, is renowned for its fine cobbled streets, ancient museums, beautiful canals, a popular red-light area, and vibrant nightlife. Tourism, both domestic and inbound in nature, remains a significant contributor to the Dutch economy. As the Netherlands opens its arms to global tourists and visitors, a Netherlands Schengen visa becomes a primary travel document that will be validated at the border control inside the Schengen region. Let us understand in detail about the Netherlands visa processes so that you can enjoy a hassle-free Netherlands visa journey.

Netherlands visa entry requirements

All EU/EA/Switzerland nationals are entitled to a visa-free stay in the Netherlands as per the Schengen member agreement. If your country has a visa liberation agreement with the Schengen member states, then you do not need a visa for a short-term stay in the Netherlands. A short-term visa permits a stay of up to ninety days within 180 days of your visa issuance. All travelers looking for a longer stay beyond ninety days should look to apply for a long-term national visa.

Transit visa

A transit visa permits you to land at a Netherlands airport and move around the transit-free zone for a maximum of 24 hours en route to a third destination beyond the Schengen region. The applicant must present a valid passport, a confirmed visa, and a flight ticket to the destination country.

Tourist or Schengen visa

This short-term visa is issued to applicants who intend to travel to the Netherlands for leisure/tourism/short-term family reunion/business visits. It features among the most popular and applied visa categories for the tourists and visitors welcomed in the Netherlands each year.

Business visa

A short-term visa is issued to applicants for business-related activities such as negotiations, contract closure, business conferences, business meetings, etc. While applying for a business visa, the applicant would present the following:

Study visa

This short-term visa entitles applicants to remain in the Netherlands for up to ninety days within six months. While applying for a study visa, the applicant needs to furnish the following:

Medical visa

A short-term visa is issued to applicants for undergoing medical treatment/consultation/therapies in the Netherlands. The following needs to be furnished while applying for a Dutch Medical visa:

Visa for film crew members/cultural/sports/religious events

This short-term visa is issued to applicants planning to attend or participate in a cultural/sports/religious event hosted in the Netherlands. It can also be applicants who are part of a film crew. The following information needs to be shared while applying for this visa category:

Visa for the spouse of a Dutch national

This visa is issued to applicants who are spouses of Dutch nationals and intend to travel to the Netherlands for a short stay. As part of the Dutch visa application process, you will need to present the below-mentioned documentation:

Visa for official delegate team members

All applicants traveling to the Netherlands as part of an official delegate team can apply for this visa category. This short-term visa needs the following additional documentation to be furnished during the visa application process:

Visa for minors

All the minors who are applying for a Netherlands visa traveling alone or with an adult will have to furnish the following:

Documents required for a Netherlands visa application process

The Netherlands immigration officials have set the criteria for some documentation to be produced for validation during the Netherlands visa application process. Some of the statutory documentation required are as follows:

Visa application form

Completed with accurate and legible details is an absolute must. After completion, all applicants must sign the application form before their submission.

Passport-size photographs

Two recent passport-size photographs meeting the Netherlands visa photo specifications and guidelines, such as maximum face coverage and white or light background, were captured in the last three months.


An original passport was issued in the last ten years without physical damage. It should be valid beyond three months from the departure date, and two blank pages for the entry and exit stamps. You need to present copies of older passports and visas if applicable.

Travel health insurance

A valid travel health insurance within the entire Schengen region provides a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros and is valid during your Dutch stay.

Round-trip flights

A confirmed round-trip flight reservation mentions the flight details, travel dates, traveler's name, and details.

Financial funding

Validate your financial capability to cover your basic expenses while staying in the Schengen region. If applicable, your last six months' bank statements and salary slips can help validate the above.

Cover letter

A cover letter addressed to the Netherlands embassy or consulate or visa application center summarizes your entire journey, including your purpose, duration of the visit, places of interest, and other relevant details of your trip.

Valid accommodation

Present a valid and confirmed accommodation, such as a hotel voucher or a rental agreement for your stay in the Netherlands. If you are staying with a local, share a copy of their ID/passport and an invitation letter.

Civil status

Proof of your civil status needs to be validated through your marriage certificate, your spouse's death certificate, or your children's birth certificate.

Dutch visa application process

You will have to follow the below process while applying for a Netherlands Schengen visa

Visa processing timeline

The visa processing timeline is 15 calendar days. This timeline can further increase depending on the backlog or other visa complexities. Always submit your visa application, considering the potential delays that can crop up as part of the visa application process.

Netherlands short-term visa fee

All adult travelers have to pay 80 pounds per applicant. Children between six and twelve years old must pay 40 pounds per applicant, and children under six do not have to pay any visa fee.

Extension of your Netherlands visa

The extension of your Netherlands Schengen visa can be provided only in exceptional cases, such as humanitarian or force majeure war or political instability in your residing country. The immigration officials may or may not extend your visa unless you have a valid reason for an overstay.

Revoking of your Netherlands Schengen visa

Your Netherlands Schengen visa can be revoked if the conditions for your visa issuance are no longer valid. In such cases, you must leave the Netherlands in the next few days as your stay is illegal. Any failure to do so can lead to deportation or future deny listing as well.


The Netherlands adds a fresh leaf of tourism to European tourism with its popular tulip exports and endless windmills spread across the country. Housing iconic attractions such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Canals, the Kasteel De Haar, and the Museum of the Anne Frank, you will never be short of experiences in the Netherlands. Get complete control of the Netherlands Schengen visa processes that will act as the perfect gateway for enjoying a wonderful Netherlands vacation.