Sweden is a gorgeous Nordic country in Northern Europe known for its fabulous holiday destinations, delicious chocolates, fascinating culture, amazing history, and state-of-the-art attractions that continue to pull tourists and visitors from different corners of the world. Some of the top Swedish cities that have captured attention in the tourist world are Copenhagen, Malmo, and Gothenburg. As part of the Schengen member agreement since 1995, Sweden also comes under the Schengen region. Let us give you a detailed holistic view of the Sweden visa requirements and processes.

Different types of Sweden visa

Before we understand the various milestones involved in the Swedish visa requirements, let us know the various types of visas available for any applicant. Select the right visa category per the purpose and duration of your visit.

Transit visa

Applicants passing through Swedish borders en route to a third country must apply for a short-term transit visa if they move beyond the airport-transit-free zone.

Tourist or Schengen visa

Among the most applied visa categories and is usually provided if the applicants intend to travel to Sweden for tourism and leisure.

Business visa

Applicants who intend to participate in business engagement or activities can apply for this short-term visa.

Medical visa

Applicants who intend to undergo medical treatment or consultation from a Swedish doctor, hospital, or institution can apply for a medical visa.

Visa for cultural/religious/sports events and film crew members

Applicants who want to participate in or attend any cultural/sports/religious event or program along with film crew members can apply for this visa category.

Visa for official delegates

Applicants from an official delegation visiting Sweden can apply for this visa category.

Work visa

Applicants who wish to work and stay in Sweden for the entire duration can apply for a work visa. The local company usually sponsors the work visa.

Student visa

Applicants who have enrolled in a Swedish university or educational institute can apply for a student visa valid for the entire course duration.

Swedish visa entry requirements

As per the Schengen member agreement, EU/EEA citizens do not need a visa before entering Sweden. Suppose you are a non-EU/EEA national. In that case, you will need to apply for a Sweden visa before you arrive at the Swedish border control.

The following documents should be presented as supporting documents for the information shared in your Swedish visa application form.

Additional visa requirements basis your occupational status

Employed professionals Self-employed professionals Retired professionals

Validation of receiving a recurring pension for the last six months


Additional visa requirements for minors

All minor applicants applying for a short-term Sweden visa must present additional documents to complete their Swedish visa process.

Additional requirements defined based on the purpose of your visit

You must present the additional requirements below depending on your chosen visa category.

Transit visa

Visa to the third country destination along with valid flight tickets

Business visa Student visa Medical visa Visa for cultural/sports/religious events or film crew members
  • Conditions laid down for enrolment
  • Program details of the event or program hosted in Sweden
  • Validation of previous performances or events the applicant has participated in or attended.
  • The crew members would need a list of complete members traveling together.
  • Visa for a Sweden national's spouse Visa for official delegates team or members

    Swedish processing milestones

    Your Sweden visa process milestones can vary depending on the visa category you have opted for. In general, most of the Sweden visas follow the below milestones.

    Visa processing timeline

    Swedish short-term visas are usually processed in 15 working days. However, considering the number of applicants, peak season, and other unforeseen delays, we recommend you apply in advance to accommodate any delay in the overall visa processing timeline.

    Visa fees

    The visa fees for a short-term Sweden visa are 80 Euros per adult, 40 Euros per child below the age of 12, and no fee for children under six years. Your visa fees can significantly vary depending on various parameters, such as your nationality, purpose, and duration of your visit.

    Extension of your visa

    All short-term visas can be extended subject to the discretion of the Swedish officials under genuine circumstances only, such as humanitarian, force majeure, or other unavoidable circumstances. Overstaying your visa beyond your visa expiry is illegal and leads to complications for future visa acceptance.

    Revoking your visa

    The Swedish authorities can decide to revoke your visa if you no longer comply with the standards and guidelines set by Swedish officials. If you are already present in Sweden, you will be notified of an exit date beyond which you will be deemed an illegal immigrant.


    Sweden is among the oldest sovereign countries with a thousand-year history and heritage. The fascinating culture with fundamental elements formed from the eight-oldest kingdom on earth, founded by Eric the Victorious in 970 AD, is a treat for any holiday. In addition, the gorgeous and scenic lakes, vibrant pop music culture, amazing design aspects, and one of the standing pillars of recycling concepts makes Sweden part of every global traveler's bucket list. Get complete control and clarity about the Sweden short-term visa process and guidelines so you can make the most of the time venturing into the fabulous aspects of Swedish culture and heritage. Get your Swedish visa today!