Estonia has redefined travel experiences through its unique offerings. You can look to unwind from the busy city life as you dwell in the gorgeous Baltic region to explore the alluring medieval centers, dense forests, sublime coastlines, scenic natural vistas, a clean environment, and unique cultural heritage. You cannot kickstart your planning for an eventful Estonian adventure without understanding the key processes involved in getting your visa. It becomes the cornerstone of your overall journey. The Estonian authorities issue the Estonian visa based on multiple criteria like nationality, purpose, and duration of your visit. You can opt for the right visa category basis your purpose and duration of your travel. Let us discuss the various visas available, essential requirements, and some valuable points that will give you a holistic view of the Estonian visa process.

Visa-free stay

All citizens of the EU or Swizz, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan are allowed visa-free entry in Estonia for 90 days within 180 days.

Different types of Estonian visa

You can select the right visa category that fits your purpose and the duration of your visit.

Schengen visa

A short-term visa for entering and staying in Estonia is issued for tourism, leisure, business, and short visits up to 90 days within 180 days. You can browse through other Schengen countries as well with this visa.

Transit visa

These visas are issued to travelers who stop at Estonia en route to a third country and intend to cross the International transit zone at the airport to explore the Baltic essence.

Work visa

All foreign citizens who intend to work and stay in Estonia can apply for a work visa. The local employer sponsors the individual and registers your employment with the Border Guard Board and the local police as you plan your Estonian trip.

Business or Investment visa

Foreign nationals are entitled to apply for a business or investment visa if they intend to engage in some business activities or invest in a business in Estonia.

Student visa

Students with an acceptance or enrolment letter from an Estonian university or educational institute can apply for a student visa. As part of the supporting documentation, they will also have to provide their acceptance or enrolment letter.

Family visa

The Estonian authorities have set up a family visa to promote family meetups and reunions. All individuals who wish to reunite or meet up with their family members or partners locally residing in Estonia can apply for a family visa. The applicants receive the same residency benefits as their corresponding family members.

Short-term visa and long-term visa

All shorter-duration or short-term visas are issued for a maximum stay of up to 90 days within 180 days. In contrast, long-duration or long-term visas are issued for 365 days. In addition, short-term visas are issued for tourism, business, and meeting family and friends. In contrast, long-term visas are issued for work, study, business activities, and family reunions. Lastly, you can upgrade your long-term visa to a temporary residence permit to explore Estonia indefinitely.

Documents required for an Estonian visa

The Estonian immigration authorities have generally set standard documentation for all visa categories with slight additions basis the visa category you have opted for.

Visa application form

All applications should be legible and accurately filed, along with duly signed by the applicant. Ensure you provide only the right information without missing out on any fields. The Estonian authorities have declared the supporting documents you need to provide along with your application to strengthen and validate the information shared by you.


Your original passport should be in good physical condition with a minimum of two blank pages and a validity of beyond three months from the return date. All previous visas should also be shared along with supporting documents.

Passport-size photographs

Two recent passport-size photographs should be per the specifications outlined by the Estonian authorities. The photo should have a minimum face coverage of 80% and have been captured in the last six months.

Travel Insurance

You should have health or travel insurance of a minimum of 30,000 euros issued by an authentic travel insurance company to cover any unforeseen medical emergencies during your Estonian holiday.

Proof of accommodation

Individuals need to validate or provide documented proof that they have confirmed accommodation during their stay in Estonia. An invitation letter from a local will be required if you intend to stay with them. Else, your confirmed hotel confirmation voucher will suffix the requirement.

Proof of financial means

Individuals will be requested to prove their financial capability to cover their basic daily expenses, such as boarding and lodging, which can be validated through a six months bank statement.

Cover letter

A cover letter should detail the purpose and duration of your visit, planned activities, and confirmed and return flight details. A cover letter should detail the purpose and duration of your visit, confirmed and return flight details, and the activities you intend to indulge in as part of your Estonian adventure.

The Estonian immigration authorities may also request to submit your biometrics in some cases.

Estonia visa application processes and guidelines

While applying for an Estonia visa, you must follow the process outlined by the authorities

Search for a local embassy or consulate

Locate your nearest Estonia embassy or consulate in your country of residence. The official embassy or consulate website would state the latest travel guideline and processes. You should browse the details to update yourself on the latest travel developments.

Determine the type of visa category

Depending on the purpose and duration of your visit, you should determine the type of visa category you want to opt for. Each visa category would have slight variations concerning the overall visa process.

Fill out your visa application form and collate all the supporting documents

Fill in all the relevant and accurate details and your signature in the visa application. Collate all the necessary supporting documents that help you validate the information shared. You must submit these documents at the local embassy or consulate you are looking to apply.

Pay the non-refundable visa fee

You should pay the non-refundable visa fee while submitting your visa application. The visa fees for short-term stay, long-term stay, and transit visa are 80 Euros, 100 Euros, and 80 Euros, respectively—children under 15 need to pay only 40 Euros as their visa fee. Attach a copy of the paid visa fee and your visa application during submission.

Visa processing timeline

An Estonian visa's average visa processing timeline can be 15-60 days from submission. The processing time can depend on multiple parameters that may or may not be specific to your case. To accommodate any unforeseen delays, you should always apply well in advance.

Collecting your approved visa

You will receive an email or SMS intimation of your approved visa status. You can physically collect your visa by visiting the local embassy or consulate where you have submitted your visa application form.

Extension of your Estonia visa

You can apply for an extension before your visa's validity or expiry. However, the discretion is on the immigration authorities whether to grant your extension.

Short-term Schengen stay

Extensions are gr granted on genuine grounds such as humanitarian and medical emergencies.

Long-term stay

Long-term visas are issued for family reunification, retirement, or investment. You can look to study, work, and stay in Estonia during your visa validity. Long-term visas can be switched to a temporary residence permit or further extension if required.

Cases when your visa application is rejected

If your Estonian visa application is rejected, you can look for the following measures:

Re-apply for the same visa once more

Make sure you are aware of the mistakes or issues your visa application got rejected, and do not repeat the same mistakes while re-applying. Take professional help from a travel or visa buddy who can mentor and guide you through the visa application journey.

Apply for a Schengen visa to some other Schengen member state

With the Schengen agreement; you can move freely among the Schengen member states. Applying for a Schengen visa to another member state will also allow you to visit Estonia.

Appeal against your visa rejection decision

You can appeal against the rejection within 30 days of your visa status being rejected. There are instructions and guidelines mentioned for appealing against your visa rejection. An additional fee of 20 euros would be applicable.


The beautiful northern European country of Estonia features scenic coastlines, captivating historic quarters, vibrant nightlife, and a rich history that has continued to provide a unique travel experience for all global tourists. Kickstart your Estonian adventure planning by understanding the Estonian visas available, the essential requirements, and the timelines so that you receive a hassle-free visa journey. Follow the instructions and guidelines laid down by the authorities to have a higher chance of obtaining a successful visa. You don't want to miss the marvelous opportunity to discover the unique Baltic charm and essence.