10 Top Things to Do In Europe for a Once In A Lifetime Experience

Eiffel Tower Paris

Whether it is catching a glimpse of the awe-inspiring Eiffel Tower, enjoying a delectable brunch in London, sipping that perfect cocktail on Vienna, or shopping the heart out especially in Paris, there is nothing you cannot do in Europe. Despite being the world’s second smallest continent, this beautiful wonder has enough to offer that it will knock you off your feet. You can either jump off Europe’s highest cliff or spend the evening relaxing with wine in in Gustave Eiffel’s massive Eiffel Tower. There is an intoxicating feel to its breeze which will unleash a novel side of you filled with a wide range of things to do in Europe. And, as people say, you do not know what madness is until you’ve been to this country by booking your Schengen visa.

10 Best Things to Do In Europe

This is a diverse continent with a wide range of cultures, cuisines, & landscapes. You could spend years travelling this continent and never see all of the unique hidden gems, eat at the best restaurants, or take part in every adventure available. This list is an excellent starting point for some of Europe’s best once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including some of the best places you must visit in Europe on your Schengen visa.

1.Walk Down London’s Primrose Hill

London’s Primrose Hill

The city is popular for their royal parks, but a stroll down Primrose Hill is particularly memorable. On the way up, look for “Shakespeare’s Tree,” the oak planted in 1864 for commemorating Shakespeare’s birth centuries prior.

2.Splurge in Venice on Water Taxis

Water Taxis

Venice is an expensive city. And a water taxi—the equivalent to take a town car—is significantly more expensive than, say, the public vaporetto (waterbus). But there is no other better means of getting from the airport towards your hotel than hopping on an open-air boat right after landing, with a half-hour to sit back and admire Venice’s grand architecture.

3.Enjoy Spectacular Thermal Baths in Budapest

Thermal Baths

The city’s spectacular thermal baths are one of the city’s greatest pleasures: the architectural gems border a labyrinthine network comprising of steam rooms, saunas, & naturally warm pools that has mineral-infused water springs from the ground directly.

4.Take a Picturesque Boat Ride at French Riviera

Boat Ride

In Cassis Harbor, rent a small motor boat with a guide and head to the Calanque d’En-Vau National Park to enjoy a secret swim. (You can also walk there, but it will take about two hours.) Then, proceed towards Hotel Les Roches Blanches to enjoy a rosé-filled lunch with a view of the Cote d’Azur.

5.Adore Lapland’s Northern Lights

Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland—or, at the very least, be dragged around the frozen lake in the sleigh by reindeer while looking for them. Make sure a camera is handy as well.

6.Visit Madrid’s 24-Hour Churro Shop

The appeal of the 24-hour churro shop indeed is that you can eat them whenever your plane arrives in Madrid. Chocolateria San Gines in fact has been serving some of the city’s best churros since 1894. Because they’re fried to order, they’re always fresh and hot—and yes, you do need the yummy chocolate dipping sauce especially on the side.

7.Bike along Canals in Amsterdam

Canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known as the city on the two wheels—getting around by bike truly is a means of life for the city’s residents. Rent a bicycle & simply ride along popular canals, such as the Prinsengracht, to see 17th century canal houses and waterways. Alternatively, take a more tranquil ride via the Vondelpark that is especially lovely in the spring & fall.

8.Marvel at Norway Glaciers

Svalbard, Norway’s Arctic archipelago, is a stunning destination. Visit epic glaciers, view giant-tusked walruses, & spot the mighty polar bears that are against white-on-white expanse by booking a stay on an expedition ship, such as Quark Expeditions’ Ocean Adventurer. Speaking with the onboard scientists & naturalists, you will also learn about — and see — the stark truth of climate change.

9.Do Not Miss the Landwasser Viaduct Bridge


This bridge carries a one track rail line crossways the Landwasser River in an incredible height of over 200 feet. Given that it was built over a century ago, its 6 arch formation truly is an unbelievable architectural achievement. It is a must-see attraction in Switzerland. Why? Take the train across the tracks. It’ll be the most terrifying edge-of-your-seat, hold your breath, the adrenaline rush you have ever experienced without visiting an amusement park.

10.See the Longest Art Gallery in the World at Stockholm

Longest Art Gallery

Image Credit: msn.com/

This metro system is the longest art gallery in the world, spanning more than 60 miles and featuring murals, tilework, mosaics, sculptures, and more in 90 of its 100 stations. You can spend quality time hopping from a particularly station to the next, but its best to avoid peak commute times. T-Centralen and Kungsträdgrden on Blue Line; Stadion, Tekniska Högskolan , and Mörby Centrum, on the Red Line are some must-see stations. It’s the ideal activity for a rainy day.

There is never a lack of things for doing in Europe. There are so many experiences to be had, from riding an Alpine train in Switzerland to driving along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland to eating falafel sandwiches in Paris and lots more. One lifetime in fact appears to be insufficient.

Making the decision of travelling to Europe especially for the very first time truly is a very big step. Seriously! Maximum people on the planet will never get to see the beauty of the diverse continent. The entire process of planning a trip, gathering everything you need, and going via the paperwork & nitty-gritty travel needs a significant amount of time and effort, causing many people to avoid making the decision to go altogether. So, by making the decision to begin the planning process, you truly should be ecstatic. You are all set in embarking on a journey for a completely different world than your own! That indeed takes a lot of guts… be real proud of yourself as this is not an easy decision. Do be prepared by finding about all you need to know about it to travel Europe for a stress-free holiday in this continent.

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