Places You Must Visit in Europe on Your Schengen Visa


If you are planning a visit to the Schengen countries, you must apply for a Schengen Visa. Certain Schengen countries issue the visa easily while others have a high rate of refusal. But first, you need to select the countries you want to visit, and then apply for the Schengen visa for that particular country. Be meticulous while filling in the application form so that your visa does not get denied. I have given below some suggestions for Places to Visit in Europe on Schengen Visa In addition, make sure you pack weather-appropriate clothing in your Europe travel packing list since the climate changes as you move through different European countries and topography. You are sure to fall in love with the natural and scenic beauty, the people, and culture of these places.



One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Italy has the most varied and scenic landscapes. From the  Alps, which are among the world’s most rugged mountains, to Alpine lakes and glacier-carved valleys, to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, you find them all in Italy. Some unmissable places are Tuscany, Rome, the Vatican, Florence, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, etc. Do not miss the museums for their world-class paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. Ride a Gondola in Venice. Visit the Colosseum, the huge amphitheater that is a reminder of the extensive history of Rome. And enjoy the lovely food and wine.



Iceland is a land of contrasts in climate, geography, and culture. You will find active volcanoes, glaciers, and hot geysers here. It is also one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Visit Reykjavík, the capital where 60% of its population resides. Then go to see Goðafoss, called the waterfall of the Gods. Near this is another waterfall, Dettifoss, which is extremely noisy due to the large volume of water falling into it. Do not forget to have a dip in the Blue Lagoon, a naturally occurring hot spring.



You will love this mountainous landlocked country that is famous for its scenic beauty and castles. Some places of interest are the Vienna Hofburg that is Austria’s Imperial Palace, the Dachstein Caves with the Giant Ice Cave and the Mammoth cave, the Salzburg Altstadt, and many others. If you are a skiing enthusiast, then do go to the famed resort town of Kitzbühel, where the 170 km of skiable places and the beautiful Alpine town will fill your heart with delight. The Austrian food is delicious and you should taste their most famous dessert – the Sacher Torte.



When you think of Switzerland, chocolates, watches, and the Swiss military knife come to your mind. Switzerland is a beautiful country. Here you should visit the chocolate factories and maybe even join a chocolate-making course. Sample the varieties of cheese available in Switzerland. Visit a watchmaking company. Ride a train through the mountainous areas and fill your heart with the beautiful scenery and the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. Go around Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne and visit the museums and historic buildings.



The Hellenic Republic or Greece is a peninsula in the Mediterranean. Its landscape is rugged, complex, and beautiful. Athens, the capital of Greece, is a city of famous landmarks like the Acropolis of Athens and the Temple of Athena Nike. Go to the Temple of Poseidon and watch the sunset. Visit Mycenae and the stadiums in Olympia. There are so many historic places to visit in Greece, and you will feel as if you are transported to the past at these places. Partake of the local Greek food and enjoy the Mediterranean vegetables, olives, olive oil, and the oven bake Moussaka.



Germany is a country that was devastated during the second world war but has been restored beautifully. Berlin, the capital, has many historic landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and the French Cathedral among others. Visit St. Gereon’s Basilica in Cologne, the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle, the Moselle Valley, the Rhine Valley, and the town of Gorlitz. Every place is picturesque and awe-inspiring. Experience authentic German food which is rich, hearty, and delicious.



Every region in France offers its own distinctive cuisine and culture. Visit Paris and the iconic Eiffel Tower. Stroll along its boulevards. Visit the Louvre and gaze upon the Mona Lisa. Enjoy the Parisian food and wine. Visit the Palace of Versailles and the Les Jardins, the formal French Gardens. Wine connoisseurs must visit Bordeaux to see the vineyards but there are many attractions for all people here. Nature lovers can visit the French Alps and enjoy the summer and winter outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, etc.

Enjoy your Schengen tour and absorb the best cultures of these countries. Stay safe and follow all safety protocols. Do some research on the places you plan to visit and purchase entry tickets online to save time. Your visit will be enjoyable and you will realize the innate oneness of the people across the world.

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