10 Romantic Places in Luxembourg City for Couples

Luxembourg City for Couples

Luxembourg is spread over a meager 1,650 square kilometers of area. Despite being small, it is dotted with charming towns, villages, scenic countryside, picture-postcard enclaves, romantic castles, and impressive fortresses. No wonder, it is considered as one of the most romantic and intimate countries in the world. If you want to surprise your spouse, book a flight ticket for both, and get ready to do these 10 most Romantic things to do in Luxembourg.

Tour the Luxembourg city

Luxembourg city

Luxembourg city has beautiful ancient architecture, quaint and attractive buildings, cobblestone streets, and nicely laid out and maintained lush-green gardens. Stroll the city holding the hand of your beloved and take in the marvellous sights spread throughout the Luxembourg city. You can easily access the city by a train, a car, or on foot. There are so many gorgeous spots in the city for you to take romantic photos.

Don’t miss to wander around the old town of Luxembourg. The narrow, winding alleyways, and various historic buildings will amaze you. The old town is also famous for an ancient stone bridge over a river as a passage to and from a fortress that was an original city wall of Luxembourg.

Explore the Grand-Ducal Palace

Grand Ducal Palace Luxembourg city

The Grand Ducal Palace is the residence of royals and the Grand Duke. The palace is one of the impressive landmarks in Luxembourg. Built during the Flemish Renaissance in the 16th century, the palace is a fusion of Romantic and Medieval Gothic styles. The honey-colored façade of the palace and its symmetrical design with pointed turrets, and ornate balconies will stun you. Do take a guided tour to know the palace nicely.

Roam around the Old Quarter

Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Luxembourg city. When you stroll this area with your better half, you will feel like being inside a fortified area that was once called the Gibraltar of the North. You will enjoy walking on the cobbled streets flanked by trees on both the sides. The Old Quarter also has a scenic bridge which you will love to walk across. Strolling the winding alleys and beautiful gardens with your loved one is the best leisure activity to do.

Explore the Chemin de la Corniche (Walls of the Corniche)

Chemin de la Corniche Luxembourg

Batty Weber, a Luxembourg writer called the Chemin de la Corniche the “most beautiful balcony in Europe.” The Corniche is visited to enjoy terrific views of the Alzette Valley and The Grunt as it is built on a steeply rising mountain. It offers the most scenic walks for visitors. Due to its strategic location, the Corniche overlooks the Alzette river and a part of the Grunt town. A stroll here is bound to fuel romance in couples. From the top, you can also see postcard-perfect village below.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral Luxembourg

Built in the 17th century in Gothic architectural style by Jesuit priests, the cathedral was initially a church. The church underwent several renovations over the years. The renovation was done in Neo-Gothic style. When a diocese was formed in 1870, the church became a cathedral. You can climb the spiral staircase of the cathedral to reach the rooftop from where you can enjoy the vies of the surroundings. There is a crypt inside the cathedral where the members of the royal family of the Luxembourg are buried. The crypt is guarded by two lion statues.

Take a romantic stroll and taste wine in Moselle Valley

wine in Moselle Valley

Image Credit: winetourism.com

There is no dearth of wine vineyards in Luxembourg. If you want to explore a vineyard in a scenic location, then the Moselle valley is an ideal one for couples. This is one of the famous wine regions in Luxembourg where you will love strolling through the vineyards with your beloved one. The specialty of wine produced in this region lies in the varieties of grapes such as red grapes and white grapes. The Moselle valley vineyards are famous for it sweet wine since they are completely fermented and dry.

Take a slice of history at Bock and the City Casements

Bock is a promontory with the rocky cliffs that offers a natural fortification for the city. It is famous for cannons and casements, which are underground tunnels built under the ruins of a fortress. The underground tunnels were built by Spanish in 1644. It is a 23-kilometre tunnel and built through hard rocks and hence an engineering marvel. The tunnels were enlarged after 40 years by a French military engineer and a fortress builder. The tunnels were intended to provide a hiding place for soldiers and keep horses. The casements were declared a UNESCO Heritage Sight in 1994.

Take a Bicycle Tour

bicycle tour in luxembourg

Luxembourg is not a big city. So, renting a car is unnecessary. You can rent a bicycle and tour the city with your better half. The roads are good and exploring the city riding a bicycle will also help to preserve the environment. Most of the valuable sites can easily be access by a bicycle. The scenic ride will fill you both with immense joy.

Relax at the Upper-Sure National Park

Upper Sure is one of the national parks in Luxembourg that is famous with both locals and tourists. It is one of Romantic places in Luxembourg that has turned many singles into couples. This park is a nature reserve and reservoir as it is brimming with luscious greenery and water bodies. It offers several hiking trails for all types of fitness levels. If you are a watersport lover, this park offers activities such as canoeing, windsurfing, diving, and swimming. During the hot summer days, the park is full of locals.

Explore the Grunt

The Grunt is the lower part of the Luxembourg city. Strolling or biking in the city is one of the romantic things to do in Luxembourg since it has a unique look and a contrasting atmosphere to the modern city. It is located at the base of the fortress that surrounds the city with the Alzette River flowing by its side. This city exudes a typical European village vibe. There are cafes, shops, and finest restaurants. You can also attend concerts and exhibition at one of the oldest buildings in the city called The Neumunster Abbey.

Luxembourg is divided into two levels – the rocky promontory of Bock, which is the upper level and the Alzette River gorge, which is the lower level. The culture of this tiny nation is influenced by Belgium, France, and Germany since these countries surround it. To enjoy this romantic city, apply for a Schengen tourist visa and get engaged in the things to do mentioned here.

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