List of 20 Most Common-Asked Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers

visa interview questions

A Schengen Visa allows you to stay or travel to any of the Schengen member countries. Are you applying for Schengen Visa from Dubai? You will be required to appear for a Schengen Visa Interview Questions and Answers!

What is a Schengen Visa Interview?

A Schengen Visa interview is more than just presenting supporting documents for a visa application to a visa official from a specific country. In fact, a visa interview is designed to allow for more in-depth communication between the applicant and a diplomatic office representative. As the interview is an important factor that decides whether you will get the visa or not, you need to be aware of the dos and don’ts of a visa interview process. Along with this, you should know about the commonly asked questions and how to answer them.

The following are the general questions you should expect to be asked during a Schengen Visa interview Appointment:

Interview Questions for Schengen Visa with Answers

1. Do You Have a Spouse? If so, what does your partner do? How many years have you been married?

If married, promptly answer with the right wedding date and other details. Any incorrect, delayed, or insecure answer on years of marriage could be interpreted as an attempt to conceal the truth. In case you are unmarried, tell your status as it is.

2.  Are you traveling with another person?

Give the right answer with a yes or no. Also, make it a point to clarify your relationship with the person accompanying you on the trip.

3. Is it possible to reschedule a shorter trip? Why Do You Require a Three-Month Visa?

Do not be intimidated. Honesty is what the interviewer is looking for. Mention your desire to visit various tourist destinations within the Schengen Area, and that you will be unable to do so in a short period of time. You can highlight the places that you are interested in. Or carry the tickets and package itinerary to validate your plan. However, if necessary, you can answer with an agreeable response that you can reschedule and shorten the trip.

4. How are you making money for this trip? Can You Provide a Bank Statement?

Often people are shaken by the former question. Be calm. Clearly specify your job and the sources of earnings. In case, your parents, spouse, or any other beneficiary is sponsoring your trip, mention their name and relationship. The absolute answer to the latter question is YES. Without any pause, readily offer your bank statement to the interviewer.

5. Do You Have Any Scholarships?

This is another Visa interview question that should be answered directly with a yes or no. If you have a student scholarship, include the name of the institution that is awarding it, as well as the amount of financial assistance it provides and the duration of the scholarship.

6. Do you have adequate health insurance for this trip?

It is a must to safeguard your trip with valid health insurance that works overseas. Provide proof of covered health insurance for the duration of your stay in the Schengen Area with details of the name of the insurer and policy.

7. Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Answer honestly, with a yes or no.

8. Do you have a job-leave authorization letter from your boss?

You will have to justify your saying by submitting the employer’s letter (signed and stamped) to the official. Because, in case you do not have such a document, it is pointless trying to persuade the interviewer that you have your employer’s permission to leave the job during the travel period.

9. Do you have any kids? If so, what age are they and what do they do?

At times, even these very common interview questions of Schengen Visa can set you back if you are not prepared. It may happen that you fail to remember your child’s job title, exact birth date, or the exact name of the company, university, or school. That is why we recommend that you prepare and memorize such information ahead of time in order to avoid giving a hesitant answer during the visa interview.

10. Do you have any family or friends who live in the Schengen Zone?

Make a list of all family members and friends who live in the Schengen Area well in advance of the interview. Tell the interviewer about your relationship with them. If your plan revolves around meeting them, mention that too. If you forget to mention anyone during the interview, the embassy may interpret this as an attempt to avoid answering the question.

11. Do You Know Anyone Involved in The Most Recent Terrorist Activities?

Try not to interpret the question as a warning. Stay unaffected and cordial. Answer the question truthfully and unequivocally. Inform the official that you have no relatives involved in these activities and express your sorrow over such acts.

12. Do you have any relatives or friends who are studying at this university?

Declare the names and relationships of relatives or friends who are currently studying at the university in the Schengen Area where you have been admitted to study if you are applying for a student visa (if any).

13. Do you know what your son/daughter’s annual earnings are?

It is important that you discuss these Visa interview questions with your children beforehand to have a clear picture of their salaries and earnings. When asked, state the annual incomes of your children accurately.

14. Do You Have to Pay Income Tax?

Any responsible, earning citizen has to pay the tax. So, there is no other answer other than Yes. You could also provide evidence for that.

15. Do you intend to pursue master’s or doctoral studies after completing your bachelor’s degree?

Express your concern about your current Bachelor’s studies and what you are looking forward to, In case you are in dilemma about your future prospects, mention that there is a possibility that you will consider this opportunity in the long run.

16. Is your son/daughter the father/mother of any children?

The answer should be straightforward: yes or no. You could also include the number and gender of his/her children.

17. Have you applied to any other universities, and if so, which ones? Have you been admitted to any other universities?

Mention the names of the universities where you applied for admission (if you applied to more than one), as well as whether you were granted permission to study at any of them, regardless of which one you chose.

18. Have you booked or purchased your plane ticket?

Simply provide the answer by presenting evidence of a booked or purchased flight ticket.

19. Have You Ever Traveled Elsewhere?

Please respond with a yes or no. Elaborate on the answer by naming the places and countries that you have been.

20. What factors influenced your decision to attend this university or college?

Indicate your interest in the specific study field offered by the selected university. Conduct some research on the university and discuss the institution’s distinguishing potentials in comparison to other similar institutions.


The following are the typical Visa interview questions that Schengen Visit Visa officials ask their visa applicants. Keep in mind our explanations and recommendations for each of the following questions so that you can easily plan an answer that allows you to GIVE YOUR BEST in a visa interview. Remember that an untruthful answer can be one of the reasons for Schengen visa rejection. So, always answer truthfully and confidently.

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