Exploring 10 Major Airports in Greece 2024

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The airports in Greece are much more than mere gateways to any destination; rather, they are a fundamental piece of the journey, providing travelers with a flawless blend of modern efficiency and primeval charm. Boasting a landscape spread by historic sites, islands, and mountains, the aviation infrastructure in the country plays an imperative part in connecting travelers to its multifarious wonders. Each arrival foretells a fresh start in an everlasting narrative. These airports provide connections to different international and domestic destinations alike, which means finding the top places to visit in Greece becomes a breeze.

Greece’s Leading Airports- A Synopsis

Prior to delving deep into the different airports in Greece, it is vital to know the number of airports here. Well, there are 15 at the moment. Let’s take a close look at some.

Athens Airport-ATH:

Passengers having their passport check at at Athens Airport.

This is Greece’s key international airport and among the busiest. Annually, it handles 22 million passengers and serves both international and domestic flights. The Athens Airport has a satellite terminal and a main terminal building. Airlines that frequently operate here comprise Pegasus Airlines, Air France, Emirates, and American Airlines. It provides a gamut of facilities to travelers for their convenience, including transportation options, car rentals, shopping areas, lounges, pharmacies, ATMs, Wi-Fi, and more. The Athens Airport is also called Elefttherios Venizelos Airport.

Corfu Airport-CFU:

A blue color plane standing at Corfu Airport.

This is the key airport that serves Corfu Island on Greece’s west coast. It boasts a modern terminal and handles over three million passengers annually. Sky Express, Olympic Air/Aegean Airlines, and Ryanair are the airlines that frequently serve the route. Most importantly, the Corfu Airport is equipped with myriads of services and facilities, such as transportation options, car rental services, restaurants, and duty-free shops, to ensure visitors a comfortable and smooth travel experience.

Chania Airport-CHQ:

Chania airport image with cars and bus standing there.

Situated on western Crete, this airport serves Chania and its adjoining areas. It is the busiest in summer and handles about 3 million passengers annually. The leading airlines operating frequently at Chania Airport comprise Transavia France, Aegean Airlines, and Ryanair. When it comes to passenger facilities, the list includes car rental services, shops, cafes, transportation options, etc.


Plane ready for boarding at Heraklion Airport

This is the second busiest international airports in Greece that annually handles about 8 million plus passengers. It has a single terminal and serves international and domestic flights alike. Leading airlines that frequently operate at Heraklion Airport comprise Meridiana, TUI Air Belgium, and Danish Air Transport. A special feature of this airport is that it focuses on sustainability, energy optimization, and the latest technology. This airport provides travelers with essential amenities and services such as convenient transportation options, car rental services, several restaurants and cafes, and duty-free shops for a fun-filled and comfortable journey.

Kos Airport-KGS:

Man and woman at Kos airport wearing security check yellow jackets.

Also called the Hippocrates Airport, this is a small airport situated adjacent to the Andimachia village and catering to Kos Island. It has one terminal bifurcated into arrivals and departures and 28 check-in desks. Aegean Airlines, Condor, Transavia, EasyJet, and Eurowings are the airlines that frequently operate here. It serves both domestic as well as international flights. The Kos International Airport offers passengers an array of services and amenities, such as cash machines, currency exchange, access to Wi-Fi, disabled facilities, shopping outlets, a pharmacy, and cafes and restaurants, to name a few. Annually, it handles more than two million passengers.

Mykonos Airport-JMK:

Mykonos Airport

Situated in the southeastern region of Mykonos, in the west of the island, it facilitates international flights from diverse European destinations and domestic flights from various Greek cities. It is a key hub for passengers traveling to Mykonos, celebrated for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. It handles over a million passengers every year. It has a modern terminal with Cycladic architecture. The different amenities available at the airport comprise currency exchange, ATMs, car rental services, boutiques, duty-free shops, restaurants, and more. Airlines that frequently operate in this airport comprise Ryanair, Transavia, British Airways, and EasyJet.

Rhodes Airport-RHO:

This airport is in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea. It has a runway and two inter-connected terminals, and annually it handles five million passengers. As this is a military airport, photography is strictly prohibited. EasyJet, TUI Airlines, and RyainAir are the airlines that operate frequently at this airport. For the convenience and ease of travelers, the airport provides several services and amenities, including a souvenir shop, car parking, mobile charging, medical services, currency exchange, cafes, and restaurants.

Santorini Airport-JTR:

Also called Thira Airport, it is situated on Santorini Island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. It operates both civil and military flights and annually handles more than 7 million passengers. The Thira Airport is a key entryway for international and domestic passengers visiting Santorini, popular for its gorgeous beaches, whitewashed villages, and beautiful caldera views. Airlines that frequently operate here comprise TUI Airways, Olympic Air, and Condor. The different airport facilities comprise ATMs, bars, cafes, restaurants, duty-free shops, and pharmacy, to name a few.

Thessaloniki Airport-SKG:

Image of accelerator at Thessaloniki Airport

Also called the Macedonia Airport, it serves Thessaloniki and the adjoining parts of Macedonia. It has two inter-connected terminals that serve international and domestic flights alike. Among the major airlines that frequently operate here are Transavia, British Airways, Aegean Airlines, Wizz Air, and Eurowings. The SKG Airport handles over fiver million passengers per year and offers them endless amenities, like a lost and found section, lounges, cafes and restaurants, charging stations, and more.

Zakynthos Airport-ZTH:

Passenger's boarding in plane at Zakynthos Airport.

This airport serves the island of Zakynthos in Greece. Both domestic and international flights operate here, of which the most frequent are EasyJet, Transavia, and Jet2.com. It has a sole terminal and handles about 1 million passengers annually. When it comes to passenger services and facilities, the list includes lounges, duty-free shops, eateries, ATMs, transportation services, car rentals, and more.

Wrapping Up

In essence, the top Greece airports act as pivotal conduits for passengers who desire to immerse themselves in the cultural treasures and enchanting landscapes of this captivating country. Together with the right knowledge about the latest Greece visa requirements, you can go on board on a cherished excursion brimming with discovery, exploration, and enduring memories.


Q1. Which is the main airport in Greece?

Athens International Airport is the main airport in Greece.

Q2. Name the largest airline in Greece.

Aegean Airlines SA is the largest airline in Greece.

Q3. Name the safest airline to visit Greece.

Aegean Airways is the safest airline to visit Greece.

Q4. What is the total number of airports in Greece?

Currently, Greece has a total of 15 airports.

Q5. What are the common facilities offered at Greece airports?

Most airports in Greece offer an array of facilities, such as duty-free shops, diverse cafes, bars, restaurants, car rentals, transportation services, and VIP lounges.

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