Do’s & Don’ts During A Visa Interview Process


Going for a visa interview can be a nerve-wrecking process, especially if you are applying for a UK visa, Schengen visa, or US visa. Be it for tourism, business, immigration, or study visa, the process of visa application is long and daunting. Moreover, there is always the fear of getting rejected, which is likely to make you nervous during the interview. However, it is important to understand that the visa interview is as important as the rest of the visa application process. Your visa application may get rejected if you do not perform well in your interview, even if all your documents are in order. Hence, knowing about the top

Mistakes to avoid during a visa interview

The proper and orderly preparation of the Schengen visa document requirements is only one of the key components to a successful Schengen visa application.


Arriving Late for the Interview

One of the biggest mistakes that you could make while attending a visa interview is arriving late. Even slightest delay is frowned upon by the officials and can lead to rejection of your visa. It is important to show them that you are serious about getting the visa, and arriving on time is the first step towards it.

To make a good impression, it is best that you reach a few minutes to spare. This would also help you to calm your nerves and be prepared for the interview. As finding a parking space outside the embassy or interview center may be an issue, it would be best to take a cab or ask a friend or family member to drive you to the place. Consider the traffic condition in the area to ensure that you do not get delayed for the interview.

Unsuitable Appearance

It is true that a visa interview is not a job interview, still first impression matters considerably. Hence, dressing up well is extremely crucial. Arriving at the embassy, consulate, or visa center sloppily or carelessly dressed would diminish your chances of getting the visa. Always dress up in formal clothes. Make sure your clothes are ironed and footwear are clean. Also, keep your accessories to the minimum and perfume light. Women should refrain from wearing too much makeup for the interview.

Giving Untruthful or False Answers

Trying to hide certain information or giving false answers would not only get your visa application rejected but would also affect your chances of applying for the same visa in the future. Hence, completely avoid giving untruthful or false answers. Even if the question asked by the interviewer is sensitive to you, it is important that you answer it truthfully. Likewise, do not try to avoid or skip answering a question. All these would have a negative affect on your chance of getting the visa.

Providing Inappropriate Answers

Apart from answering untruthfully, answering inappropriately can also cost you your visa. Incomplete, made-up, unacceptable, or funny answers would be considered as inappropriate by the interviewer. If you are not sure how to answer during a visa interview, it would be best to prepare answers of some of the most commonly asked questions for a visa interview. This would help you to be prepared and prevent you from answering inappropriately.

Not Carrying the Necessary Documents

Every visa applicant has to carry the necessary documents while attending the visa interview. Failing to do so can also lead to the rejection of your visa application. It is important to know about all the details of the documents that you need to produce with your visa application form. It is better to carry the original as well as the copies of the documents. The consulate, embassy, or visa center may ask you to get some further documents as well. Ensure that you have everything with you before you attend the interview.

Providing Unnecessary Information

Apart from avoiding giving false information, you also have to ensure that you do not give any unnecessary information. Answer to the point and do not go on to elaborate on anything unless asked for. Many times, providing unnecessary information may get you in trouble, which would lead to rejection of your visa. Keep your answers simple and short.

Being Nervous

Just like your physical appearance, your personality is also important when attending visa interviews. While you are likely to feel a bit anxious, it is necessary to understand that nervousness can affect your interview negatively. You are more likely to make mistakes, babble, or remain tongue-tied if you are too nervous. Hence, try to relax before your interview. Arrive early at the venue, so that you can prepare yourself. Deep breathing can help to calm your nerves.

Argue with the Visa Officer

Another thing to avoid is arguing with the interviewer or visa official. Answer politely and ask your questions or doubts in a calm manner. If you have any disagreement, talk in a collected and sophisticated manner. Losing your cool or shouting would cause visa rejection.

Applying for a visa to any place can be a smooth process if you have all your documents and avoid the mistakes mentioned above. To ensure a hassle-free visa process, you can hire the services of reliable and expert visa agents. Also, once you get the visa, know about the Schengen visa validity rules and ensure that you follow them.

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