Places to Visit in Greece for an Unforgettable Holiday

Located in South of Europe, Greece is a country that is not just European but also Mediterranean and Balkan. Flanked by the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea, Greece lies at the confluence of Europe, Africa, and Asia. This unique position of the country makes it more interesting. The best part about Greece is that you can visit this country if you have a Schengen visa. With this visa, you would get to explore the gorgeous islands, the splendid beaches, the interesting history, the mesmerizing architecture, and the amazing culture of this place. While Greece is most popular for its legendary hospitality, many people visit the country mostly for its food, which is not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious. If you are planning a trip to Greece, which is home to more than 3000 stunning islands, here are some of the best places you can visit in this beautiful European country.
Santorini santorini

Perched over the Aegean Sea, the image of Santorini is the first thing that comes to mind when one things of Greece. Santorini with its white washed buildings looking over the vast sea makes for one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Although there are plenty of things to do and explore on this island, the best thing to do here is witness the incredible sunset that you would get to see here. Other than this, swimming at its various beaches, exploring its numerous museums, visiting old archaeological sites, etc. are some of the popular things to do in Santorini.

Crete Crete

Spread around an area of 8336 square kilometers, Crete is the largest island of Greece. Home to architecture that belongs to Venetian and Byzantine eras, Crete is a place that would be loved by history buffs. While the ancient ruins, temples, forts, and towns are some of the most popular things to see on this island, you must not miss its most gorgeous beaches too. Crete is known for its breathtaking white sand beaches, which includes the Elafonissi Beach, known for its pink colored corals. Another attraction you must check out on this island is the Samaria Gorge, one of the best national parks of Greece.

Athens athens

Athens, the capital city of Greece, is one of the most-visited cities in the country. It is also the city in Greece that has the most urban development. However, along with the luxuries of modern life the city has been able to preserve its ancient history, culture, and architecture. One of the most famous attraction that you should not miss when in Athens is the Athenian Acropolis, which is believed to have been built in 447 BC. Some of the other places that you should check out in Athens include the Temple of Zeus, Acropolis Museum, National Garden, Panathenaic Stadium, etc.

Rhodes Rhodes

Gorgeous white-sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, luxurious resorts, etc. are few of the things that you would find on Greece’s Rhodes Island. The beaches of Rhodes are great for relaxing and at the same time for indulging in some adventurous activities. Apart from the beaches, Rhodes is also home to natural beauty in the form of green valleys. Moreover, the island has many ancient ruins that would take you back to the history of Greece. The popular attractions here include Ancient Kamiros, Tsambika Monastery, Lindos Beach, Monolithos Castle, Anthony Quinn Bay, etc.

Zakynthos Zakynthos

Quite beautifully described in Homer’s Odyssey and Illiad, Zakynthos is an island that would take your breath away with its raw beauty. Golden beaches, clear blue waters, verdant mountains, green valleys, and white cliffs are some of the elements that make the natural landscape of this island. The surreal beauty of the place is the reason why Zakynthos is a great location for hosting destination wedding and even going on honeymoon. Laganas Bay, Shipwreck Cove, Kalamaki Beach, Turtle Island, Greek National Marine Park, Blue Caves, etc. are some of the major attractions here. The island is also popular for its adventure activities, especially scuba diving.

Mykonos mykonos

Another magnificent Greek island, located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, is Mykonos. Filled with white buildings with blue highlights and narrow alleyways, simply walking around the place is truly delightful. Moreover, there are old churches, beaches, windmills, and cafes to explore here. Mykonos is quite popular for its adventurous activities and happening nightlife. Mykonos Town is a place where you would find some interesting places to visit like Delos, the windmills in Chora, the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, Agois Nikolaos, etc. One thing that you must do here is take a boat trip to explore the archeological sites of Delos.

Corfu Corfu

Although all the islands of Greece have the ability to mesmerize its visitors, Corfu is in a different league in itself. Known to be the greenest island of Greece, Corfu would not fail to dazzle you with its pristine beaches, rocky terrain, green valleys, limestone cliffs, etc. Moreover, the island is also home to numerous historical places, a Venetian-era inspired town, and underwater tunnels and caves. Some other attractions that you would find here are La Grotta Beach, Glyfada, Canal d’Amour, Mount Pantokrator, the Achilleion, etc.

Few other worth-visiting places in Greece are Parga, Meteora, Therasia, Thessaloniki, etc. Wherever you go in Greece, you would be rewarded with places that are stunningly beautiful. With so many places to see and things to do, Greece is an ideal location for honeymoon, family vacation, and also a solo backpacking holiday. So do not waste any more time; book your flight tickets, get your Schengen visa, and enjoy a memorable holiday on the islands of Greece.

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