Visiting the Czech Republic? A Complete Guide to Czech Republic Schengen Visa

Czech Republic Schengen Visa

The Czech Republic is a gorgeous country in Europe that falls in the Schengen region. Many people come to tour here to experience the country’s natural beauty, wonderful attractions, and stunning architecture. So, if you too are interested in visiting this beautiful country, get a Czech Republic Schengen visa appointment, and start planning a Czech vacation!

General Info about the Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia split in 1993 and became the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since then, the nation has prospered to become a fully developed nation with a strong economy. The Czech Republic is a part of the NATO and European Union. Tourism is an important part of the country’s economy and hence, the people of the country happily welcome tourists from all over the world.

All About Schengen Visa

To go to the Czech Republic, you need a Czech Republic Schengen visa because this state is also part of the list of Schengen countries. So, the same rules apply. You’ll have to get a Schengen Tourist visa to come here. This visa will allow you 90 days in the Czech Republic which you can avail of in a period of 180 days. The Schengen visa also allows you to travel to any other Schengen country within these 90 days, but if you leave the Schengen countries, your visa will be considered cancelled unless you have a double-entry or multiple-entry Schengen visa.

Czech Republic Schengen Visa Documents

You need to have the following documents to start the process of getting a visa. Schengen visas are hard to get so ensure your documents are in perfect order.

Application Form – You can get the Czech Republic Schengen visa application form online from the official Schengen visa website. Before downloading and printing, make sure to fill out all the right information that is also depicted in the other documents you will be attaching. Spelling mistakes can also be detrimental to your visa application, so pay attention while filling out the form.

Valid Passport – Your passport needs to have a validity of 3-6 months from the date you will be leaving the Czech Republic. Your passport also needs to have been issued within the last 10 years. If not so, get it renewed at the earliest. The passport should also have a few blank pages for Schengen visa stamps.

Passport-size Picture – A coloured photo, which matches Schengen’s picture requirements and which has been taken in the past 3 months is needed. Make sure you have taken this picture against a white backdrop with your complete face clearly and completely visible. You also shouldn’t be smiling in the picture – make a neutral expression. When you are attaching the picture to the application, make sure the file size and file format are according to Schengen requirements.

Return Tickets – Return tickets play an important role in getting instant approval for your visa application. The tickets show that you have every intention to follow the rules of the country and return back to your home country. You have to attach return ticket information in the visa application so, yes, you will have to purchase them in advance. Do not worry about the dates as you have 180 days to avail of your visa and you can always change your return dates if such a situation arises.

Itinerary – If you are visiting the Czech Republic as a tourist, you should have a planned itinerary that clearly states all the places you will be visiting, and where you’ll be staying. If you are going through a touring company, they can give you an official printed itinerary that you can use for visa application.

Financial Records – You have to show your financial competence and solvency to prove that you can stay in the Czech Republic and afford food, stay, and travel. This also helps the immigration authority determine that you can buy another return ticket in case you miss your original return flight.

Letter of Invitation – If you are going to visit the Czech Republic to be with friends or family, you’ll need an official letter of invitation from them. Along with the letter, you will have to furnish the details of your friend or family with whom you will be staying in the Czech Republic.

Travel Insurance – You have to buy travel insurance that can be used in Schengen countries. This amount cannot be less than €30,000. Even though the Czech Republic has universal healthcare, the benefits only extend to the citizens of the country. Therefore, travel insurance is a must.

Visa Fee – Once you have submitted everything online, you will be required to pay a non-refundable amount as a visa fee. This fee is used for all the administrative work required for a visa, so, even if you don’t get your Czech Republic Schengen visa, this amount cannot be returned.

Once the application has been submitted with all the required documents you just have to wait for further communication for a visa interview. Your biometrics will also be collected on the day of your interview. Czech Republic visa processing time is not very high and you will know about your visa in a matter of days.


If you follow all the above-given Czech Republic visa requirements, you should get your Czech Republic Schengen visa without any issues, and you can have a wonderful vacation in this amazing European country. You can also make this lengthy process easier by consulting a verified visa expert.

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