10 Popular and Beautiful Destinations in Switzerland 2024


The Alps cover sixty percent of the country, and the surrounding environment and cities look like something out of a child’s vivid imagination. Lakes in an otherworldly shade of turquoise complement the snowy peaks, thundering waterfalls, and turreted storybook castles. There are red railways that wind their way to impossible heights, and there are cowbells that ring out across mountainous meadows that you may skip down with glee, Heidi.

The vineyards, lakes, and rivers surrounding the cultural hubs of Switzerland’s cities are breathtaking, and the country’s ubiquitous mountains are never more than a whisper away. In terms of scenic beauty, Switzerland is unparalleled.

The absolute marvel, though, is the ease with which one may travel across this country. Trains, feet, and picturesque drives make exploring Switzerland a snap.

These top Beautiful Places in Switzerland will make your trip unforgettable.

The Area Around Jungfrau

Jungfrau Switzerland

The Best Spot for a Good Mountain Buzz:

As the cherry on top of Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland, the picturesque Jungfrau Region is a must-see for any visitor. Everywhere you go, people will stop and gasp at the sight of towering peaks, icy glaciers, and roaring waterfalls. A trio of legendary Swiss mountains, the Eiger (Ogre), Mönch (Monk), and Jungfrau (Virgin), all stand shy of 4000 meters (13,123 feet) in height.

Experience the never-ending snow on a ride to Europe’s highest train station, Jungfraujoch, at an altitude of 3454 meters (11,332 feet). Interlaken is home to every conceivable extreme sport, while Grindelwald is home to hiking, skiing, sledding, and ziplining among mythical mountains (skydiving, ice climbing, glacial bungee jumping – you name it). Nature in the Jungfrau region is epic in scope.

You should not rush through this area; if you do, you will be sorry afterward. If possible, give yourself a week to get into it.


Bern Switzerland

Best spot to soak up some Middle Ages atmosphere:

Though the first city of Switzerland, Bern is frequently overlooked in favor of other Swiss cities in “I could not believe it is the capital” trivia questions. The ancient Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage site. It is a delight to explore with its flag-draped cobblestone streets, covered arcades, subterranean stores and bars, whimsical folk figures atop fountains from the 16th century, and the eye-catching Zytglogge. The city’s red roofs stand out against the green hills and turquoise Aare River that divide it in two. It is like something out of a children’s novel, complete with a giant that eats kids (the Kindlifresserbrunnen) and bears who live in the area.

Attractions like the Zentrum Paul Klee (Bern’s answer to the Guggenheim) and the Einstein-Haus (where the genius formulated his theory of relativity) will pull you in. However, the Aare River becomes a hub for water sports like swimming, tubing, rafting, and paddleboarding in warmer months.

Geneva Lake

Geneva Lake Switzerland

The ideal location for love, wine, and castles:

Located in the southwestern corner of Switzerland, crescent-shaped Lake Geneva (Lac Léman to francophones) is a sight to see thanks to its picturesque setting, which includes a mountain backdrop, uplifting views, vineyards, and a shoreline necklaced with gorgeous cities and castle-crowned towns.

Geneva stretches along the lake’s southern shore, highlighted by the rainbow-dappled Jet d’Eau fountain and the peak of Mont Blanc in the distance. The city is an excellent jumping-off point for excursions, as it is home to some of the world’s best galleries and museums, as well as beautiful botanical gardens and swimming lagoons, cozy cafes in the historic district, and bright yellow mouettes that take locals across the water on what must be the world’s most picturesque commute.

Nonetheless, that is not the end of the planning process. A short boat ride or train ride is the cultural powerhouse of Lausanne, with its Plateforme 10 arts district, the beautiful terraced vineyards of Lavaux (a Unesco World Heritage site), and flower-draped Montreux, home to one of the world’s most famous jazz festivals and the picture-perfect Château de Chillon.


Zermatt Switzerland

The Best Location for Outdoor Fun:

The Matterhorn, at 4478 meters (14,692 feet) high, is the most alluring mountain in the Alps. It is a giant twisted fang of granite that thrusts skyward over Zermatt’s desirable, timber-chalet-filled Alpine resort. It is a famous peak in Switzerland, and its pyramidal shape inspired the iconic Toblerone candy bar. Zermatt’s appeal lies not just in its proximity to a single mountain. Since the mid-19th century, this area has been a mecca for mountaineers seeking a challenging summit ascent. Visit Matterhorn Glacier Paradise to ski, climb, and stare out over a sea of glaciers and 4,000-meter (13,123-foot) peaks.

A Natural Park in Switzerland

The Swiss National Park Switzerland

Ideal for those who enjoy being outside:

The Swiss National Park, covering an area of 172 square kilometers (66 square miles) in the country’s southeast near its border with Italy, is the Alps on steroids: a nature-gone-wild spectacle of high moors, forests, wildflower-speckled pastures, waterfalls, jewel-colored lakes, and mountains as high as the sky, where ibex, chamois, marmots, and golden eagles roam and fly free.

In Zernez, at the visitor center, you can get the lowdown on the best walking paths and ranger-led guided treks to get your trip off to a great start.


Bellinzona Switzerland

Bellinzona, Switzerland, is a beautiful city that offers a taste of Italy’s best cuisine and culture despite being located in Switzerland (thanks to its proximity to Italy). The historic district exudes a healthy dose of Italian style with its maze of flower-lined streets, Renaissance churches, and cafe-lined piazzas that teem with people, conversation, clinking glasses, and the out-of-tune ringing of many campaniles.

Visiting the castles is at the top of everyone’s list, and a trip to the Castelgrande on top of the hill may quickly fill an entire day (bring water and comfortable shoes).

The Jura Range and the Neuchâtel Lake

Neuchâtel Lake Switzerland

A favorite spot for a solo road trip:

The Jura Mountains are a beautiful range of hills in the middle of the French and Swiss border. Green meadows, old forests, rocky outcrops overlooking three lakes set against an Alpine backdrop, and sleepy villages and valleys that have not altered much in centuries give this area its unique appeal.

Get the ball rolling with an open road adventure. Hiking excursions with dress-circle views of Lake Geneva and Gruyère cheese tastings at quaint Alpine cottages can be arranged after a stop at the Jura Vaudois Nature Park. Head north to Vallorbe, dotted with some of Switzerland’s largest and most magnificent limestone caverns, and Lac de Joux, a watchmaking community.

Include a visit to the Yverdon-Les-Bains thermal springs, the absinthe-creating Val-de-Travers undulating hills, and the Creux du Van canyon in your vacation to the Lac de Neuchâtel. Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with its beautiful turreted château, is the perfect ending to this cultural journey.

Parts of Appenzell and Northeastern Switzerland


The Best Destination for Family Fun:

While northeastern Switzerland lacks the overt spectacle of the Alpine highlands, its pastoral charm and picturesque villages with their half-timbered facades and brightly painted murals make for a picture-perfect postcard. This compact area is ideal for a culturally enriching and leisurely family holiday.

St. Gallen’s Stiftsbibliothek (Abbey Library) is a literary wonder and a feast of rococo art and architecture; it is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Continue to quaint, picture-perfect Appenzell, where you may enjoy local cheeses at the Schaukäserei.

Head farther south into the Alps, climb to the summit of 2501m (8205ft) Säntis for views including six nations, and then visit Werdenberg, a tiny medieval hamlet home to some of Switzerland’s oldest timber chalets.
Vaduz, the capital of tiny Liechtenstein, is located near the Rhine and features a castle.

Lucerne Lake

Lucerne Lake Switzerland

Lakeside romance at its finest:

Lucerne, Switzerland, is a medieval dream of a city that rests on the shores of its sparkling namesake lake and exudes an enchantment beyond description. When you are cruising across its waters to mythical mountains or just strolling through the promenade as the sun sets ablaze with pink and gold, you cannot help but be captivated by it. Mount Pilatus, at 2132 meters (6995 feet), where Wagner praised the Alpine view and where Queen Victoria rode her horse, and Mount Rigi, at 1797 meters (5896 feet), whose light inspired Turner to depict it in three distinct moods.

The city’s cultural attractions include the historic Kapellbrücke bridge that spans the Reuss, the Jean Nouvel-designed KKL arts center, and the Sammlung Rosengart, which houses a coveted private collection of Picasso’s. Strolling past the belle époque hotels bordering its banks, you will be enchanted by the same sights that mesmerized Goethe, Queen Victoria, and Wagner in the 19th century.

Plan to leave earlier to make the most of your free time on the water. Lake Uri is a fjord-like body of water surrounded by mountains, and a cruise across it will give you a glimpse into Switzerland’s geographical and spiritual center. The turquoise waters are navigable, and boats make the trip to Rütli, the Swiss national birthplace.


Basel Switzerland

The Premier Gallery Space:

Basel is a relatively unpopular city. However, you’d be wrong to think that way. This city straddling the Rhine has everything going for it: cutting-edge architecture from Pritzker Prize-winning architects, a thriving food scene, advanced art galleries, and a buzzing cafe culture.

The Kunstmuseum, with its fine arts collection, the Renzo Piano-designed Fondation Beyeler, and the Frank Gehry–designed Vitra Design Museum, are just a few of the must-sees in a few days spent exploring the city center.

A helpful planning hint:

Those who look beyond the trophy attractions and enjoy sundown drinks by the river or a daring swim in the Rhine will fall in love with Basel. Get a Wickelfisch (a waterproof bag in the shape of a fish) at the visitor center, change into your swimsuit, and float leisurely through the city’s famous monuments. Do not forget to visit one of the best thermal spas in Switzerland to sum up your relaxing holiday in this beautiful country.

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