List of The Best Cities to Visit in Germany That You Should Visit Once

One of the top holiday destinations in Europe is Germany, which is situated in Western & Central Europe. Germany is one of the founding members of the Schengen agreement. The country is known for its contribution to the scientific, industrial, and technological sectors. It believes in human power and features a tuition-free education system. It is famous for festival traditions like Oktoberfest, Christmas customs, etc. The people in Germany have the luxury of visiting 188 countries without going through any hassles.

Having a well-planned itinerary opens doors to a wealth of German experiences. In this article, we will share information about visits to the top five spectacular cities in Germany: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Cologne. Each city has its own charisma and presents a wide assortment of places and activities, catching the eye of diverse travellers. All said, no one will be disappointed! The numerous museums and libraries will feed the nerdy crowd, while the rich cultural life full of dance and music will touch the souls of music lovers and party-goers. For the nature-loving crowd, it provides picturesque locations and serene landscapes.

Must-Visit Cities in Germany



Berlin is the capital of Germany, and it’s one of the foremost popular holiday destinations in Europe. This city never sleeps and is legendary for its nightlife. All party lovers can hang out and get lost in the great things about nightlife. Day life is additionally very interesting because it showcases many festivals around the year, i.e. Jazz Fest, Annual Berlin Theatre event, Annual Beer Festival, Berlin Architecture exhibit, etc. This lively city is particularly famous among students who relieve their weekly stress and enjoy in the glory of the city at night or during weekends.



Hamburg is that the second-largest city in Germany and is situated on River Elbe. It is the main hub for science, education, and research in Europe. It is the city which has the highest number of bridges in Europe. It is well known for its architectural heritage, different musical shows, theatres, etc. The heart of the city is the Planten un Blomen park at the centre.

It is well known for cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, art galleries, etc. Its culturally rich heritage can be experienced through art, music, and theatre. From classical music to electro festivals, visitors can enjoy music based on their tastes. The stage landscape in Hamburg offers theatres, a state opera, raunchy cabarets, awe-inspiring dance performances, open-air shows, and plays.



Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is the third-largest city in Germany. Being a global centre of art, innovation, education, culture, etc., it is the fastest-growing city, and people really experience a very high standard and quality of living. One can enjoy nature by visiting The Englischer Garden and listen to melodious music as well as taste delicious food on the streets during The Munich Carnival, which attracts a lot of crowds. Few of the world’s biggest and most sort-after festivals such as “Tollwood Summer Festival”, “Munich Opera Festival”, and “Fruhlingsfest” are hosted here, which are great opportunities for people to understand German culture and make it one of the most memorable trips ever. It hosts the Oktoberfest, which is the world’s largest beer festival, where one can also enjoy beer, games, amusement rides, etc.



Frankfurt is predicated in the middle of Germany and Europe, which makes it a major hub for air, rail, and road transport. It is the leading tourist destination in Germany. It is famous for its diversity; it has people from different cultures, religions and ethics. It’s considered to be the hub of commerce, culture, education, tourism, etc. It is well known for the Botanical garden, Frankfurt zoo, parks, and forests, and people often call it a “green city”. One can enjoy the live music, dance shows, guided tours during The Museums Riverbank Festival, The Festival of Stoneware, and Night of the Museums. The long Night of the Museums in particular, which is held in the second half of October, provides with the best experience one can add to their lives in just one night.



Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany and the largest city on the river Rhine. It has Inland Port, which is one of the largest ports in Europe. Cologne Cathedral is the third-tallest church in the world and is one of the most visited pilgrim places in Europe. It is home to a number of trade shows, museums, and galleries.

The history lovers can explore the churches, the city halls, and medieval city gates and get knowledge about roman architecture. The nightlife around medieval city gates is very famous and one can enjoy shopping for electronic goods, fast food, gifts, etc. The largest street festival in Europe is “The cologne carnival”. People enjoy dancing in costumes and drink in the streets. Nature-loving people can have an opportunity to indulge in nature & see different species of birds like pigeons, parrots, etc. It will surely give you a refreshing experience.

Indulge in the beauty of Germany and experience why it’s considered to be the topmost destination in the world. One would surely want to visit again to explore what they missed the previous time. It will be an experience that will stay with them for ages to come and would be joyous to share with others. So, get your Schengen visa today and get ready to explore these amazing cities in Germany.

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