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prague-Czech Republic

There is something adventurous about road trips that are missing in regular travels. Road trips give you the chance to explore places as you go. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and the things that the place offers at your leisure. One of the best road trip destinations in Europe is the Czech Republic. A landlocked country in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is also called Czechia and one of the best places to visit in Europe on a Schengen visa. It is surrounded by Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia. Although a small country, Czechia offers you a whole lot of things, including breathtaking landscapes, interesting history, exciting cities, gorgeous towns, great architecture, and delicious food. The best part is that you only need a good companion to explore the country on a road trip.

Bohemian Switzerland

Elbe Sandstone Mountains-Czech Republic

Bohemian Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places you would see in the country. It is located near the southern border of Germany. One of the must-visit places here is Bohemian Switzerland National Park, which is known for its exciting but challenging hiking trails. Some of the places you must see here are Mariina Skala, Kaemrice Gorge, Pravcicka Gate, Na Stodolci, etc. The coffee and snacks that wait for you at the top is a bonus to the view you get to see here. You must also visit Tisa Rocks, where The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed.

Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise

Also known as Cesky Raj, Bohemian Paradise is also one of the top road destinations to see in the Czech Republic. The place is home to some of the most gorgeous rock formations, making it the best place to go rock climbing. If that is not your cup of tea, Bohemian Paradise also offers you some amazing hiking trails, where you can see incredible landscapes and views as well as explore beautiful castles. Some of the points of interest at Bohemian Paradise are Prihrazy Rocks, Prachov Rocks, Trosky Castle, Valdstejn Castle, the Hruboskalske rock town, etc.


Square Old Quarter Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic is a must-visit during your road trip in the country. Prague is one of the few cities in Europe that did not endure any destruction during World War II. So many of the buildings between the 11th and 18th centuries can still be found here. The city centre of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town Square (along with its astronomical clock), the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Hall, Prague Castle, etc. are some of the interesting places to see here. If you go on a cycling tour in Prague, you will get to see the popular as well as the hidden gems of the city. Moreover, do try the different restaurants and street food when in this city.

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

Located along the side of the Vltava River, Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful historic towns not only in the Czech Republic but also in Europe. The buildings you see here are influenced by Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque styles of architecture. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are plenty of historical things to see here. One of the best things about visiting Cesky Krumlov is that the city centre does not allow vehicles, giving you free reign to explore the place on foot. It is a pleasure to walk along the narrow lanes and explore the numerous art galleries, museums, restaurants, and shops here. The places you must visit at Cesky Krumlov are Cesky Krumlov Castle, Castle Tower, Cathedral of St. Vitus, etc.



A small town located near the border of Poland, Harrachov makes for an interesting inclusion in your list of best places to go on a road trip in the Czech Republic. Although more popular for its winter skiing activities, there is much to see and do in Harrachov during the rest of the year as well. Hiking or cycling through the forest of Harrachov is quite incredible. You must also check out the Mumlava Falls, which is a gorgeous waterfall that you can reach through a 30-minutes hike. Another place you must visit here is the local brewery, where you not only get to see how the beer is made but also get to drink a pint or more if you wish. Moreover, you can also visit the Beer Spa to soak in a pool of beer.


Brno Czechia

Known to be the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, Brno is similar to Prague but less crowded. It is the capital of Moravia, which is the wine region of the country. While Brno leads you to different vineyards around the place, you must take time to visit the city as well. While exploring Brno, you would be impressed with the historical sites and buildings that exist since the 11th century, including the Renaissance and Baroque periods. A must visit place here is the Villa Tugendhat Museum, which is a modernist villa and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built-in 1929. Moreover, do take out time to enjoy the live music and festivals that are a part of this amazing city.



If you are impressed with the local beer of Harrachov, head towards Lednice, which is considered to be the centre of South Moravia. The highlight of this little village is the Valtice Chateau, the Neo-Gothic English-style Chateau. Apart from exploring the chateau, you must also check out its expansive grounds, parks, and pounds by horse carriage or a boat ride. However, the one place you must visit when in Lednice is the Czech Republic Wine Salon, where you would enjoy visiting the vineyards, watching the process of winemaking, and tasting the varieties of wines as well.

Apart from the places mentioned above, Telc, Karlovy Vary, Mikulov, Ostrava, etc. are some other places in the Czech Republic that would make your road trip a memorable one. As the roads of Czechia are wide, smooth, and less crowded, going on a road trip in this country is nothing less than a dream. Do not forget to apply for your Schengen visa and know about the Schengen visa validity rules before you begin your once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

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