Retail Therapy Guide: 10 Best Finland Shopping Centers


Finland is a gorgeous land luring visitors to explore its breathtaking landscapes, quality life and delectable cuisine. Not only that, most visitors travel to Finland to witness the elusive and dreamy Aurora Borealis. While there are numerous things to do and see in Finland, you cannot afford to miss the shopping.

Shopping in Finland can be adventurous. You will find a pool of high-quality goods from local and foreign manufacturers, and in such cases, the chance of getting scammed is quite low. The shopping centre and online stores are successful in attracting customers with enormous discounts. Finland has two sales seasons – the first begins after the festive season and lasts until the end of January, while the second starts in the second half of June and ends with the arrival of autumn. So, if you are anywhere planning a trip to Finland in these two seasons, don’t miss strolling around these top shopping centres in Finland.

Kamppi Centre

Kamppi Centre

Kamppi Shopping Mall, located in the heart of Helsinki, is one of the largest shopping centres in Finland. The mall houses close to 100 stores and over 40 restaurants and cafes. You will find the best collection of international brands and famous Finnish outlets. The most luxurious brands include Jack & Jones, Björn Borg, Guess, Marc O’Polo, GANT, Marimekko, Sisley, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, United Colors of Benetton, Vagabond, and Vero Moda.

Ideapark Lempaala

Ideapark is a commercial city in Lempaala situated just 18 kilometres from Tampere city centre. Commutation is accessible here due to its location right by the Helsinki-Tampere motorway. Here you can find an overwhelming collection of décor, fashion, decoration, and other essential products under one roof.

Kluuvi Shopping Mall

Kluuvi Shopping Mall

Kluuvi Mall, one of Helsinki’s busiest shopping centres, has 40 stores featuring top-tier brands in fashion, jewellery, beauty, and sportswear. Over 11 of the most famous restaurants of Finland are housed in the popular Kluuvi Shopping Mall.

Galleria Esplanad

If you are a fashionista, you will love this place. Galleria Esplanad is situated in the fashion district of Helsinki and offers a bevy of high-end and luxury fashion stores, accessories, and jewellery, including the finest of Swedish designers.


Although Stockmann is a department store, it is a must-visit shopping place in Finland as it sells some of the best Finnish souvenirs while you indulge in history. Explore the brands from local and international sources, including Calvin Klein and Armani. If you want to experience absolute Finnish-style goods, you must go to Stockmann.

Iso Omena Shopping Centre

Located in Matinkylä, Iso Omena is a family-sized shopping mall packed with customer service. There are more than 115 stores offering goods in fashion, leisure, home décor, and well-being. After a whole day of shopping, a perfect sip in one of the bars or restaurants of Iso Omena will do its thing.

Pasaati Shopping Centre

Pasaati Shopping Centre

Pasaati Shopping Centre is a one-stop destination featuring a wide range of offerings, especially in leisure, fashion, and well-being services for your entire family. There are also several cafes and restaurants where you can unwind after a day of shopping.

Sokos Department Store

Sokos Department Store is one of the oldest malls in Helsinki, opening in 1952 during the Olympics. The chain consists of 11 large department stores with a diverse collection of goods and ten smaller stores focused on beauty, fashion, décor, and other essential items.

Stella Shopping Centre

Stella Shopping Centre

Stella Shopping Centre is a modern shopping centre in Finland offering something for everyone, from shoppers to retail therapy lovers. Due to its location in the centre of Mikkeli, next to the market square, the shopping centre attracts a lot of people. The traditional indoor market lying at the heart of the Stella complex features a wide variety of organic and local produce for sale. While the airy pedestrian street offers large space to sit and relax, you can choose among several cafés to weigh off your shopping bags. Stella has everything you need, from elevating your wardrobe to revamping your home.

Opri Shopping Centre

Opri Shopping Center, located at the heart of Lappeenranta, welcomes you to shop and dine at its best. Enjoy the various services, including the range of restaurants and cafes, to nosh and refuel while you shop. Check out the fantastic fashion, beauty, and leisure collection.

What should you Buy in Finland?

If you are thinking of shopping in Finland, you should know that the prices here are quite high compared to the rest of the Nordic countries. However, one cannot imagine returning home empty-handed. There are around 30 malls in Finland, and most of them are in Helsinki, the capital. So, here’s all you can buy in Finland.


Though Finland does not list among the cheap countries, you buy lots of winter clothes, and here you can find a great variety, some of which are original designs. Find the latest in classy winter coats, gloves, hats, and wool sweaters to elevate your winter wardrobe.

Christmas Decorations

Finland is among those European countries that have the greatest Christmas spirit. Stroll around the streets of Lapland to find decorative items for the holiday season, such as postcards, baubles, socks, or hats.


Crafts are highly valued goods in the ethnic groups of Finland. Whether they are made of wood, horns, or fur, you can find them in the northern region of Finland. Don’t forget to purchase the Kuksa, traditional wooden carved cups used by Sami, usually accompanied by a matching knife.

Soaps and Oils

Finland is popular for saunas, so it is quite obvious to find numerous stores dedicated to selling the products used in saunas. Prices aren’t too high due to the increasing demand, so they usually make good gifts.


Finland has a great collection when it comes to shopping. So make sure to cross everything off your list!

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